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Alexej Axis alias baLOrKIn is a 30 year old self-taught artist, who loves dark and expressive art and works mostly in traditional media.

Born and bred in Germany, Alexej finally managed to work and live abroad as he studied English for almost his entire life. He now lives and works in Ireland. As an open minded person who loves video games, horror movies, fantasy of any kind and reading very much, he draws inspiration from those sources and values friendship and loyalty over all other traits.

In a loving relationship for 13 years now. Character design, creating his own worlds and filling them with life is his deepest passion.

Take a seat! Stroll through my gallery. Have a look at my character concepts and just relax and enjoy! :) Just approach me if there's anything you'd like to ask, know or I can do for you.

Latest Journal

Fursona/Persona PAssport Reference Sketchbook Commission OPEN

Hello folks!

I am opening for one Passport Reference Sketchbook commission for now. Depending on how many pages are requested, those sketchbook commissions are a long-term effort, so I will only take one for now. But it won't be first come-first-serve. I have a Google Form open for applicants in which you can customize your request and have lots of example images to look what you want to go for, so please consider looking at it and filling it out:

Klick me for Google Docs Form!

I have had quite some interest in these already and I will contact you with a personal quote when you fill out the form. If you order a lot of pages, I might consider a discount which is why I have been rather vague on pricing. I really don't want it to become too complicated.

A commission like this starts at approx. 30€ depending on how many pages you want.

Here's more information about what such a book looks like and what I imagine it to be for:

Exterior Passport Design
Interior Colour Pages
Seasonal Pages
Single Character Activity Pages
Misc. Pages

Please consider filling out this form until the end of this week, so I can send out all the quotes for it before Christmas. I will pick the first client & start working on this project in January. IF I haven't picked you now, it's likely you just have to wait a little longer until I can start your commission & I will contact you again when I finished the current one.

Thanks all for your interest & support!

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Badges & Jewelry

Jewelry & DogTags
€ 20.00
Label Badges
€ 20.00

Full Colour

Coloured Pencil
from € 60.00
to € 200.00
Mixed Media, traditional
from € 40.00
to € 110.00
from € 35.00
to € 70.00

Fully rendered pencil drawing

Traditional Pencil drawing, fully shaded
from € 30.00
to € 70.00
add  Digital Touch Ups
from € 10.00
to € 30.00


Full body and character concepts
€ 20.00
add  Additional character
€ 10.00

Always open for Jewelry Commissions!

My standard size for traditional illustrations is roughly A4 - 21 x 29,7 / /30cm Whenever we agree on a different format, additional fees may or may not apply, respective to agreement, so please just communicate if you want a different format.

Coloured Pencil

Mixed Media


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