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My name is Scott Francis, and I’m a queer sci-fi and fantasy artist who is particularly skilled at character and creature design.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

on 23 December 2018 at 10:42:29 MST

Today's my 30th birthday and I'm so grateful for all the amazing people I know. Thanks for making my life absolutely phenomenal ❤️

If you want to give me a gift, I would love some weapon slots on Warframe (add me! IGN is Shadderstag!) or you can buy me a Ko-fi!

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    I see you also have a love for spider girls >:3
    also, your art is really nice!

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    You execute really amazing designs.

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      Thank you! I really appreciate that!

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    Ah, thank you for the watch.
    For what do I owe the pleasure of you deciding to do so? =3c

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      Skaaaag <3 I'm a huge Borderlands fan and I love skags and I love the idea of Nisha having a Skag steed and then I saw a peacock Handsome Jack and that just sealed the deal haha

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        Aaaa! Same!
        I love Borderlands so much, and I love the characters.
        And hell yeah, I also love skags~ I want one as a pet. XD
        Heh, I figured my Nisha would have a skag because sometimes a car can only go so far, and sometimes you need to be faster than you are on foot. Plus the fact their posse rides skags, it's not all that strange to think they might as well, even if they are not fond of animals.
        Peacock Jack is a silly birb. Best birb though. I love him very much.

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    your style is so beautiful