Blade Under Mask: Downpour (Animation) by WhiteMantis

Blade Under Mask: Downpour (Animation)


10 December 2013 at 12:56:15 MST

Wish these thoughts would go away

And here alone I sit and pray

Washing the visions out of my mind

By this lake

Asking The Dancer to be kind

So I don't break


I knew I would be in trouble for doing it, for dirtying, maybe even ruining the kimono I was wearing by sitting there on the bridge, in the pouring rain, but I couldn't help it. Nothing but the unending, unyielding beat of the cold water over me could cleanse my thoughts... my soul.

Thunder and lightning used to frighten me when I was a child, but that night... that night, it made me feel closer to the Dancer and to the Lonely and Only, that they might hear my plea, notice my plight, and banish the demons that plagued me.

I had looked into the water when I arrived, before I sat on the bridge. Before I got out of the okiya, I had foolishly thought that I could look upon my reflection and remember who I was, beneath the makeup and the kimono, before the training... who I used to be. I remember imagining moonlight helping me to see myself in the surface of the water. But all I saw was a distorted image, rippling from raindrops, illuminated in jagged flashes of light from the storm. I could only see things I didn't want to... things I wanted to forget.

Things I wished I could forget.

A BIG thank you to my collaborators and dear ones: Marcotonio, my Blade Under Mask co-writer and amethystine, my boss and partner in crime! <3

Enjoy some rain, thunder, and Nae! I missed doing this! 

Nae, Blade Under Mask © me  
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    Awww poor Nae :-( she needs a warm and gentle hug. -Huggles her-