Wont Drown In This Storm by whiteicepanther

Wont Drown In This Storm


4 February 2014 at 22:59:20 MST

The waves crash down
The wind batters
I refuse to be drown.
It is just a matter
Of breaking free,
to the calm above the storm,
That's where I will be.

Bring it 2014.

January was a rotten month for me, for a very long list of reasons. Mostly having to do with finances, lack of car, and a bunch of computer hardware crud. That said, I'm done with being beaten down into the icy salt waters. I'm going to push for the surface and then break through the darkened sky.
...though I am still paranoid something else will go wrong so I'm avoiding activating like my software licenses and stuff till I feel like nothing is going to spontaneously die...again...

Also this is loosely based off a dream I had a few weeks ago. Had to do with being caught in a large ocean storm, turning into a dragon, and flying/fighting my way through the winds to safety. Course there was more to it than that, but that's the general gist of it.

As for the painting itself, I pushed closer to getting to the level of detailing I hope to one day achieve in all my work...but at the same time I'm still quite a ways off. One day I hope to have a more polished, refined, but tastefully detailed style. For now though, the looser impressionistic look, that I am honestly a fan of, works well. Especially for this one since I based it loosely off a dream. I was more interested in capturing the impression and mood of it, rather than the fine details.

Art (c) WhiteIcePanther (W.I.P) - 2014

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    Really REALLY like the dripping water effect!

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      Thanks a bunch! I was kinda shocked it turned out so well since I hadn't painted that sort of thing in ages. X)