White Ician Panther by whiteicepanther

White Ician Panther


6 February 2014 at 13:11:57 MST

Is that how you'd say "of ice"? Ician? Iceic? Bahaha, all I know is "iced" sounded a bit too boring and didn't have the right connotation so I made up a word. Anyways...

I haven't painted or drawn any "realistic" animals in quite a long time. Which is a bit shocking since that's what I used to spend a lot of time on several years ago, prior to me joining any art sites actually. So I had the idea to draw my white ice panther species in a more realistic form. Well, as realistic as it can be given the fact that it's a made up arctic dwelling, fantasy pantherian species with blue fur markings. Now this isn't the best realism painting, but it is on the anatomically correct / realistic side which was the focus this round. Next one I'm gonna go for both. I'm also not going to go nutty with the baggy neck skin next time either.

I'm debating on changing her markings...again. The original thought all those years ago when I drew the first white ice panther was that the stripes would be like swirls of cold wind and maybe incorporate the looks of fractured ice. Well, I never did bring in the later and the first I'm has morphed a bit into like tiger stripes. Part of why I'm considering changing the stripes is cause panthers usually have either very simple markings or spots - though they can be very hard to see. I think taking Wip to that next stage of character design and refining her markings a bit at the very least might be a good idea. We'll see.

So there she is, in a basic sitting, portrait angled, pose. I'm tempted to do another realistic styled one but with a more interesting pose.

Art (c) WhiteIcePanther (W.I.P) 2014

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    Very mesmerizing eyes. I like your new word, I myself probably would just have used icy^^ However I think she should be a bit more furry, as for now her fur some sort of reminds me of a plushie. Other than that I think it's a picture well done though

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      Thanks for the kind words and especially the feedback!
      I can see how she looks plushie haha. Next version I do I'm going to be taking a closer look at the types of fur various arctic animals have and incorporate it. This version I used a bit too thick of a brush for the fur around like the edges of the face, so it's giving it that plush feel lol. Gonna probably use a thinner and finer brush next time. :)

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        You are welcome :)Glad I could be of help