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Name's Anna, aka WhiteIcePanther, but you can call me Wip or Anna.

Welcome to my Weasyl account. If you're into character design and illustrations then that's something we've got in common!

I've been away for a while doing design and visual branding commissions for various people. Not really the kind of work you add to your online galleries. I'm coming back though and returning to my love of character design and the like.

I'm also found on DA, Redbubble, and used to be active on FA as well (username w.i.p). I've also got a tumblr but I've learned I really suck at upkeeping multiple accounts. :D

If you're into gaming as well, I'm also active on YouTube. My channel name is HickvilleProductions and I post gaming content, vlogs, and art related things. I also stream there and on my Picarto account under the whiteicepanther username.

Leave me a shout saying Hi if ya want!

Either way, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

~Anna (Wip)

Where else to find me:
WhiteIcePanther ► RedBubble
WhiteIcePanther ► Deviantart

WhiteIcePanther ► Tumblr
W.i.p ► FA

Feel free to contact me via email if curious about commissions:

Latest Journal

Streaming (non-commission) ENDED

This stream has ended, be sure to keep an eye out for more in the future!


I'm currently live over at:

I'm not taking commissions for this stream. I've got a few personal projects I need to finish before I can take on commissions again. But if you want to come watch, say hi, you're welcome to come on over!

All I ask is that the conversations in chat are kept PG and respectful.

Hope to see you there!

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    Thank you so much for the follow! <333 LOVE your stuff omg!

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      Squee thanks! XD
      And no problem at all! I wanna see where your story is going. Speaking of which...I believe there is a new page I need to read. :P

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    You just earned a follow. This is amazing stuff!

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    Oh gosh~ Thank you! :3
    Looking forward to more of your art!

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      You're super welcome! You're work is quite cool and colorful!
      And thank you so much! Soon as I can get my hard drive issue in order, I'll be making and posting lots of new stuff.

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    Thank you for the follow