Mountain Pass by whiteicepanther (critique requested)

Mountain Pass (critique requested)


15 January 2014 at 15:33:10 MST

This started as a speed painting, but then took like 3 or 4 hours - kind of lost track of time - because I got a bit more detailed about the way the colors smoothly blend then I think one normally does during a speed paint.

But hey, it looks like what I was roughly going for. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about the break up of the 3 main values (darks, mids, and lights). I was experimenting and I don't know... I'm being skeptical about it. So, critique it away! Feedback would be appreciated.


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    Isn't it just grand when you get lost in something and come to hours later? Time just flies by! Absolutely beautiful piece! I've never been much for backgrounds (making them), I'd love to see more~

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      I love it when it happens. ^^
      Also thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like it so much! I used to have a long standing grudge against painting backgrounds. No idea why. But over the past couple years I've been working at getting more comfortable painting them so I don't hate doing it. Overall it's been working. I'm finding them more and more enjoyable to paint.

      I'm also pretty sure I can say you'll be seeing more environment paintings from me in the future. :)

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    It looks pretty nice! I like the sweeping hills on the light, foremost part of the image, it's very supple and flows nicely, though perhaps having a larger section of the mid green-shadows from the lower left corner of the image may have balanced it a little better. The details on the side of the cliff below the well-lit pathway are very nice, I especially like the little trio of upstanding pillars, are they implying a ruin-like element or something more naturalistic? If I may be so bold, you could possibly have pushed the murky grey of the sky more, especially seeing as it seems to imply sunlight cutting through the cloudcover to hit the well-lit corrider of green~ Very pretty <3

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      Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback!

      I wanted to push the murky grey of the skyline a bit more, and did try a few times, but my computer was lagging up on me. I've thought bout it since I uploaded and started wondering why I didn't just flatten what I was done with, then add the haze of the clouds. Flattening the finished layers probably solved my lagging problem. Though I think next time I'll work it in earlier on. Would of done so this time but I had originally planned to do a different type of sky. Next environment like this I'm gonna push myself more to get that sort of detail in.

      And I see what you mean about using the shadow colors from the lower left corner. I think if I had mixed and blended that darker portion a little higher up the mountain side on the left it might of worked better. Like particularly in the little area in the valley in like the middle-ish of the image where the light should of been hitting it.

      Again, thanks for the feedback! It was well written and is quite helpfully. :)