I am Taight from FA and Synoda from dA.
Synoda/Synoda Mae on Furcaida and SynodaMae Sonnenkern on Second Life.
My Second Life Store:

I accept Second Life Avatar Retexture and Photography Commissions.
I accept Trades. Most offer Full Color Artwork in exchange for my texture work on Second Life.
I am a Graphic Design Student in my final 2 quarters of school.
I am also an Illustrator but keep my work mainly private and to myself.
I also lend my voice talents to HTH Studios for the characters Taight Mae (Mine - Dalmatian/Wolf Mutt) and Anne (Draft Horse Mare).

Those who mind don't matter. And those who don't mind, matter.
Worry about your future, not mine.
The past is History. The Future is a Mystery. The present is a Gift.

<3 Stay Classy...


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Greetings Weasyl!!

on 11 January 2014 at 23:29:04 MST

So I don't normally write up journals anymore because I tend to rant (and no one reads them).

First of all, I have to say that I really do admire the layout and visual appearance of this site. I feel that this will be my first go-to when it comes to posting artwork and announcements. The whole customization feature (as far as the banner, folders, etc. goes) is just very convenient and well thought out.

I'm open to making new friends on here, I really am!!..but I don't do the whole murry-purry-RP thing.
Though yes I DO indulge in RP via Second Life, it is a form of income for me. Please respect my wishes :) Any attempts to snuggle, hug, kiss, poke, prod, grope, etc. will be ignored or receive a cold response.

To those of you who followed me from FA, thank you!!
If you just stumbled across my page at random, well hai! You can call me Syn, Synoda, Mae or even Taight (my FA account). My usual submissions will be from Second Life where I am an avid Roleplayer, DJ and texture artist for hire. I enjoy creating new mod kits for various avatars for the public's use as well as private and custom commissions. AKA: If given the opportunity, I bring people's characters to life from a reference sheet into the 3d realm.
I'm not THE BEST but I do feel my style and such is above average. I own and operate the mod store [project]MAEHEM industries and soon to come, Rawhide Productions for the Breeder's Choice mesh equine avatars.

I am also in my final two quarters of school (graduating in June) at the AI of San Antonio. I transferred from the AI in Fort Lauderdale from Illustration to Graphic Design and feel that I have made the right choice. I'm originally from Texas but ventured out for school and stayed away for personal reasons.

I love my characters. I really do. They're an extension of me and my emotions and dreams.

  • Synoda Mae, my purple-zombie slayer-cheetah.
  • Taight Mae, Synoda's adopted little sister and Dalmatian/Wolf hybrid.
  • Jena 'Sarge' Maeson, my COG Official (from Gears of War) and seductress. These are my main gals, though thanks to SL, I have created many more with their own names, outfits and stories.

Anything you'd like to know about me?? Hit me up! TTYS ♥♥.

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Avatar Parts Textures
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Full Avatar Retexture
$ 20.00
Second Life Skin
$ 15.00
Tango & Mirage Appliers
$ 1.00

These are the BASE prices for the items listed. Can go up depending on complexity, number of textures, detail, due date, etc.

Prices are subject to change.


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