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Hi! My name is Squid (or Jelly!).
I'm a lady, 19, and I live in the midwest United States.

I'm primarily a digital artist, main subjects being animals and scenery, with the stray human once in a while. I draw with a Bamboo Splash graphics tablet, and I use Paint Tool SAI to make my art.
My dream is to one day become a concept artist.

I'm pretty easygoing, but I do have a tendency to get a little worked up sometimes! Sometimes I'm a little anxious to talk to people and I can come off as kinda a hard-ass, but I'm really not. o:

I like to listen to music as I draw. Most anything will do, I like a little of everything! Classic/Grunge/Rock, Metal, Ska, Some Rap, Blueggrass, and Electronic genres but I'm a punk rocker at heart. Rise Against is my favorite band. <3

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So I'm really feeling bogged down and kinda blocked so like I'd really like to draw some other folks' characters.

It'd be art of varying degrees depending on how far I want to go like I might doodle a sketch of finished art or a sheet of linearts I donno. Depends. O:
[I reserve the right to choose not to draw something]

So yeah feel free to like me refs.

Only going to be doing this tonight.

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    thank you for the follow friendo :D

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      Yooo no problem. C:

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    Hey there. Thanks for the welcome. Good luck to you as well. :)

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    My only concern is that with the influx of people will come all of the... less desirable character from the other sites. In any case, it'll be a while before this site gets to be as big as the others, so we have a while! :D

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    Hello and welcome! I've only been here a few days myself. Came to the site for similar reasons. DA is extremely flooded and FA, well, it's FA. Gotta say, so far I rather like it here. Hope you do too! :)

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      I like it too! The site seems really clean and neat and I can't really speak for the userbase but I haven't run into anyone who's been a jerk yet! Welcome to you too!

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        Thanks. I've posted a bit on the forums and peeked around different artists' profiles, can't say I've seen any craziness. Granted, I'm still pretty new like I said. But so far, it's been a good experience.