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I am updating my profile information.

I go by Vosyl and use she/her pronouns. Recent graduate in Digital Media & Animation. My artwork is split between depicting the paranormal and porn, so I hope you love murder, misery and monsters. In my freetime I do weird things to computers and study the black arts of mathematics; Occasionally I do work with pygame and processing.js frameworks. I veneer towards masochism so much of my art may involve bodily injury and medical play. Outside of art I take care of a small family of succulents as an amateur botanist. I'm an Apatheist from a Masonic background, a former forensic chemistry student, and I support the European Pirate Party.

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Charity Commission Drive to support a Theatre Production

on 26 July 2017 at 01:51:37 MDT

All the details are here: I don't really know where to put this, but I'm raising money for a theatre production by doing discounted commissions:

This isn't me 'coming back here' as I never left. I've just been quietly lurking, I check weasyl everyday. but I've made some progress cleaning my gallery (Fixing typos, switching jpgs to pngs to avoid lossy artefacts) all stuff that feel it doesn't warrant announcing.

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    Thanks for the fave.

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    Thanks for the fave <3

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    You are now a prophet.

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    Following 'cause glitchies! =^_^= <3