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Birthday. I'm Thirty-Two (tomorrow).

You can read the entire announcement on my FurAffinity:

In short, this is just a louder recap of what you've heard before from me. I'm going to university, and I want to spend more time improving my craft as an artist. Traditional media, timed figure and gesture studies, taking up self-paced courses. So what's different. Here's the patch notes:

  • I've been successful in treating my depression: The pills, SAD Lamp, diet and exercise, and self-therapy book all worked.
  • I'm pushing myself to be a better person to make my relatives proud, be a model student, and get into a position where I can start and raise my own family.
  • Any outstanding commissions will be done and for free. I'll no longer be open for any more commissions for the foreseeable future, as I want to be driven by passion when it comes to art. From now on art for other people will be requests from those that already know me as a friend.
  • I'll no longer be available for tabletop roleplaying games, multiplayer video-games, or on F-List for ERPs.
  • I'll be drawing what I want when I want, and be unfazed by other people's preconceptions of me or my work as its held me back for way too long.
  • The video-game passion project is real and on-going, and with all the obligations and responsibilities I've cut I'm investing into learning new skills as an artist to realize my past dream projects.

For Weasyl in particular, I want to harmonize it with my approach I'm taking with FurAffinity and that's going for a minimalist user experience. No more said or displayed that isn't the artwork itself than necessary. ie. If you have no interests listed on FA, the page will say 'This user hasn't listed any interests' which to me and my very basic understanding of graphic design is an eye sore.

  • Change the icon and banner, and write a brief biography.
  • Submission Folders; one for my 'portfolio' of most recent works I'm most proud of, and a 'scraps' folder for everything else. Once the portfolio reaches fifty submissions I'll start moving the older pieces to 'scraps' and replace them with newer work.
  • Make Reference Sheets for all my characters to fill the characters tab. This is going to distinguish the site from how I use FurAffinity which contrasts as it has all my commissions.
  • Back-up my favourites.
  • Fix settings for everyone I follow. Several years prior, I wanted to take a hiatus from weasyl and unflagged everyone in some options menu and now I need to go through it and change the settings I can see people's art once more.

Once all this is done, you may see a trickle of art come in from me instead of absolute radio silence for the next six years. I offer no schedule or due dates, its just art as it happens when it does.

Did I mention its my birthday? Happy birthday to me!

  • Vosyl.
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