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Merry Christmas

on 24 December 2020 at 23:59:50 MST

I hope you're all enjoying the festive holidays, I made a Patreon Update:

I'll give you the cliff notes version, Weasyl style.

  • I can't draw and am going to go over the basics. Gesture Sketches, Timed Studies, Using a sketchbook, and investing my time more into learning how to do things, than struggling to create things. There was always better and more efficient approaches I could've taken, but sticking to how I've been doing things I'd only just continue uploading one illustration per month. My slow work pace is making me miserable.

  • Abandoning social media to take up using Instant Messaging. I'll be asking around with friends if people are cool with me soliciting one-on-one advice with what I'll be doing as practice.

  • Any large projects (Webcomic, Video-Game, Art Packs), anything at all I said I'd do that isn't a commission or my half of a trade is on the backburner until further notice.

  • I'm taking up new art hobbies; refinding a passion in oil painting and taking up sculpting to make tabletop rpg furniture, walls, and floors.

That's the patreon post. I'll say a bit more I didn't say there or on Furaffinity with that's journal about the update.

I have a soft spot for Weasyl, I think everyone that still uses the site still does. Its difficult to grow an audience here and it often feels like I'm uploading into the void. Other sites have far more active participation, and my experience with the site really did fall on me. I hardly ever reached out, and when I did I let friends drift away, I was never the most reciprocal person on this site. I like the look and style of the site, some features like collections or 'friends' had overstayed their welcome and I wish I could remove those tabs from my end. I never figured out how I want to clean up and structure my gallery with the folders -despite Weasyl was the first furry art site to actually have proper folders- and that a lot of old artwork that I don't showcase on any other site still lives here does slow me down with the nostalgia factor. There was an update that removed the thumbnail art of my poems that upset me and I'm still not sure if I want to hide that part of me and taken down all the written submissions or reupload the glitch cover art.

Now I can't promise I'll still use this site going into next year, I burned bridges with old friends for personal reasons (I haven't hung around the Glitch-Losers Crew in a very long time), and artists I used to admire have left for more active pastures or moved on from art altogether. Most people would probably give up as well here, I see myself as making something for a future audience. Someone five or seven years down the line from now may discover my gallery and a personal piece I made resonates with them. I'd never met them or even know if they'll ever exist. I follow pretty close the 1% Rule.

Which is what keeps me engaged when there's no one around:

When I'm more confident in my art, I'll think of a plan of how I want to use this site. I can't promise exclusve artwork or anything special, yet you know. I'll think of something.

Eggnog responsibly,
Vosyl (who is wearing plastic krampus horns)

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