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Going Back To College.

on 22 August 2019 at 05:52:15 MDT

This isn't a copy and paste of what I put on Furaffinity although that'd make my life easier. I applied, got an interview two weeks ago, passed it, induction was a few days ago and I start my first day on the 26th. I have the best intentions of succeeding: Hundred Percent Attendance, Straight A's, and Project Work handed in On-Time if not Earlier. The college is offering HND courses the year after this one, if so that's me for the next three years and leaving with the ability to apply for Art School Proper. As in I could apply directly into year three of a degree program and potentially do an honours. This would save me an incredible amount of money.

What I didn't tell Furaffinity, is this year I've had problems with self-confidence and social anxiety. Nothing that really requires therapy, but has impacted what and how much I want to share and upload online. I'm hoping College gives me a boost on that front and I'll begin to shamelessly upload without a care again. I like Weasyl as it lets me upload without notifying which is great as they made it that way for artists that do bulk uploads: and I've a lot of art I may want to eventually show. In such cases I'll throw up a journal letting you know, and which folder the art is in. Either I'll link the folder url or the submissions themselves in the journal.

I'm also reusing Patreon, in what people in the biz would say as a 'soft relaunch'. I redesigned my page to remove all the features Patreon wants people to use, so now its just a banner, icon, and the content. It was a terrible idea to think I could keep remaking assets monthly and not think it'd eat into time I could've spent working on full illustrations. Now, I'm throwing up a zip folder with a bunch of sketches at the end of each month. Already throw up a mini-pack a few days ago.

Next month's should be bigger, if I finish any of the sketches they'll be uploaded. You can see them here but you'd need to pledge, nothing I can do about that without patreon shutting my page down for making nsfw content public:

In the meantime, I'm still getting ready for college. I need to make mealplans for packed lunches, pick out what to wear each day, and come up with a study plan. You'll hear from me again, soon.

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