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The New Ontology

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Birthday. I'm Thirty-Two (tomorrow).

You can read the entire announcement on my FurAffinity: In short, this is just a louder recap of what you've heard before from me. I'm going to university, and I want to spend more time improving my craft as an artist. Traditional media, timed figure and…

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Disappearing (Going back to University)

I've made notices across each site I use, and Weasyl is no different. I know I don't make a whole lot of art. I've noticed most droughts I've had about it I've either been dealing with depression, homelessness, or college. This time I'll be gone potentially more or less for... six years. I'll be pu…

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Roll Call

I want to know who's still around, checking the site, and following me. I hate site statistics and love that weasyl lets me disable that, on twitter I ran the demetricator extension before realizing I prefer quieter glades. You telling me you're here gives me a better incentive than any numbler tha…

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Taking a break for the next five weeks.

Title says it all really. I had a bit of bad news at the doctors during a check-up last week. My condition is unlikely to worsen - which is good - but during the course of treatment I'm on, I want to focus entirely on improving my physical health and follow through on what I need to do to get bette…

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Merry Christmas

I hope you're all enjoying the festive holidays, I made a Patreon Update: I'll give you the cliff notes version, Weasyl style. I can't draw and am going to go over the basics. Gesture Sketches, Timed Studies, Using a sketchbook, and investing my time more into…

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I went to College

This is a follow-up from my last entry: I passed a number of classes but not with sufficient credits to make it to the next HND. I am slightly upset but I have my contigency plans for what to do now. The pandemic was a factor. The bigger f…

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Going Back To College.

This isn't a copy and paste of what I put on Furaffinity although that'd make my life easier. I applied, got an interview two weeks ago, passed it, induction was a few days ago and I start my first day on the 26th. I have the best intentions of succeeding: Hundred Percent Attendance, Straight A's,…