I was just a highly suppressed but curious afro-kid who evolved into a gay, man-bun-touting, sporty nerd. I'm trying to jump start my digital art so I'm prolly gonna be chuggin' out some messy and experimental stuff. I like light or cute subjects but I go dark and mix it all up. Don't count me out for most traditional art forms, but might not put much up here. Course, if people ask for it I can oblige. Might throw down some poetry or some story ideas at some point.

Seem hard to know what to expect from me? I'm enigmatic, yeah, that's why. It's not like I just don't know what to do with myself...


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Get to know Mortmercaton - Questionnaire

on 23 October 2015 at 07:24:24 MDT

OC = Mortmercaton

1. A little-known talent of your OC?
"I normally don't speak of this, but I can transfix any mortal, spirits, and some lesser demons with my eyes."

2. What trait does your OC like best about themself?(Eyes, guitar skills, random bird facts, etc)
"I am most persuasive. It is a skill I mastered through my line of work. Also my physical form is impeccably beautiful. I have the best taste in clothing. I have had millennia to develop my style."

3. How many pillows does your OC sleep with?
"My necessity for sleep is next to none. But when I do rest I adore palettes composed of colorful pillows. Which, I think could range from 200 to 500 depending on the size of the pillows. Otherwise, an immaculate, gargantuan bed with 20 to 50 pillows placed in a crescent formation in front of the headboard would do nicely."

4. Is your OC good at keeping secrets?
"Compared to my kin... I am the master of secrets. As you humans say, 'It comes with the territory.' But I am also incomparably better than the other demons. If I were to be summoned I can never be compelled to speak only Truth."

5. Your OC's worst habit?
"I have no negative habits! Well, I was told by a mortal that I take human sayings too literally sometimes."
He pauses to look his person over.
"A positive habit is how adroit I am at grooming myself and keeping my clothes immaculate."

6. Does your OC prefer tennis shoes/sneakers or flip flops?
"In this 'modern' time I loathe shoes. My feet do not fit the human mold. The best I can wear are cloth footwear which are today referred to as 'genie' or jester' shoes by their curled tops."
He pauses to formulate an added thought.
"I miss the time when I wore Greek pedila and krepis as well as Roman claigae and baxae. So there are times I will 'go retro'... is that not the saying?"

7. What is your OC's opinion on body modifications?
Mortmercaton: "...."
Oh! Ummm, he wouldnt answer. I'm surprised. Fine, I'll tell. He (secretly) thinks humans modifying their bodies is hot. As for himself he has thought about getting piercings. Real tattoos would disappear if he shapeshifted but his magic can allow him to have mystical symbols on his body. They just can't stay around since they are used for casting spells. He could fork his tongue or his penis, but he's not keen on the idea simply because he likes his physical body to be whole and unblemished. Guess he has a thing about not wanting to appear "damaged."

8. Your OC is given a full-ride scholarship to any college they could want to go to. Where do they go and what do they major in?
"Teh-he-he! Humans teach demons? That's rich. It is pitiful humanity is blind and ignorant of how much we have taught it over so many millennia. But I guess if I had to, I might major (scoffs) in Fine Arts and take ceramics or sculpture. I know anything I created would be a masterpiece, but I've still yet to make anything. I find this a travesty."

9. What chore does your OC hate the most?
"Chore? Do you realize I am bound to this planet and have been punished to barter with mortal's souls for what will be the rest of this planet's existence? My chore is to delude myself into thinking I enjoy existing and what role I play in this twisted reality! How is that for 'chore I hate the most'!?

10. Would your OC prefer to live in the city, the suburbs, or the country?
"None of these options suffice. I have my own spiritual plane I can retreat to when weary of this mortal realm."

11. Is your OC a blanket hog?
"Blanket hog?"
I explain the phrase to Mortmercaton.
"Oh...." He taps the bridge of his nose. "There are times I found myself tightly wound in my blankets. So I... suppose that would be leaning towards affirmation of this 'blanket hogging.'"

12. Would your OC play by the rules in a fight or take cheap shots?
"Fight?" He covers the front of his mouth to suppress a bark of a laugh, "Ta-haaa! Demonic battles are beyond mortal scope. There are no rules. It is a survival. Be obliterated, abscond, or decimate the spiritual entity contesting you. Though my kind cannot die, whoever is defeated would be at the complete mercy of the victor."

13. Does your OC have a widow's peak?
"Why yes, I think it a fantastic place. I just love the dreary atmosphere."
I shake my head. He didn't get it, but I won't explain it to him.
No, he doesn't. His hair is uniform over most of his body so he has no specific head hair.

14. Happy birthday! What kind of present would your OC want?
"Birthday? I was not born. I could substitute the day in which I was incarnated in a physical body."
Okay then, what would you want, Mortmer?
"I have not been given a gift just for existing on the physical plane..."
His eyes water but he blinks it away.
"I simply demand the souls of every mortal human."
I shake my head no. "Something we mortals can grant you."
He rolls his eyes, "I have the omni-document. You imbeciles can grant this to me."
I give up.

15. Something that grosses your OC out?
"I am not in the domain of rot or decay as two of my siblings are. The putrefaction of living flesh offends my finer sensibilities. I have a potent sense of smell and its appearance even is not pleasant in any way to me. Fresh wounds and blood... on the other hand, are another matter entirely."

16. Your OC is suddenly on an adventure! Where do they go and what do they do?
"Adventure being?"
Exploring some part of this planet.
"I have been everywhere there are mortals. The uninhabited places are only of interest to Taciquies. This hypothetical scenario is frivolous drivel."
Well other realms you can get to?
Mortmercaton taps his foot, "I suppose I would not mind exploring more mortal's dreams. Their creativity, despite suffering as infinitesimally minded beings, can be impressive. Some dreams open gates into spiritual planes even. A strange and beautiful horizon turns from that and O how vulnerable those few are."

17. Is there a real person that looks like your OC?

18. Something that makes your OC laugh without fail?
"Mortals' desperation to live!" Teh-hee-hee-hehe!

19. Something that makes your OC cry without fail?
"Crying is a mortally flawed act that mortals do."

20. An obscure/ridiculous fear your OC has?
"All demons fear the one angel that is designed to overtake us, bind us, and throw us into a hole in the Earth to be filled with nothing but regret and immobile torment. Should that happen it would be because we are not fulfilling our recompense which was placed upon us."
I motion for him to continue. He doesn't seem pleased but still gives more.
"...My brother... Nekukakos. It is a ridiculous fear because he is not danger to me. He enjoys when I visit him. But there is a look in his eyes from him that I cannot place, and it has caused a shiver down this physical frame, erecting my fur all over me."

21. Does your OC have any type of disability, whether it be mental, physical, etc?
"Some demons actually are disabled. I am not one who is. I am the opposite. I am enabled beyond many demons. I am of high standing and top caliber."

22. Does your OC get frustrated when people forget to close the door behind themselves?
"What would I care?"

23. What is your OC's first memory?
"...Being in the light. Being... loved."
He looks away quickly as if wanting to move on or maybe regretting he spoke.

24. Something you like that your OC would hate?
Encouragement to fellow humans. Keeping people from feeling downtrodden, of low self-esteem, or suicidal. Consoling those weak or about to die by helping them think on how they have lead a fulfilling life and accept that death is part of living. Even just keeping them comforted and loved.
Mortmer: "You... are a fool. Death will come for them and they will despair. Then they will ask for me. Not you."

25. Your OC is going into battle/on a mission! What song is their anthem?
Mission - Drops by iamamiwhoami (not an "anthem" sorry)
I looked all over for something that would fit him battling, but really could not find a fit.

26. Does your OC have good or bad posture?
"I have impeccable posture."

27. Most despicable thing your OC has ever done?
"Despicable? Such a word seems much too relative based on your mortal, idealogical examples. I manipulate and kill people on a daily basis. I devour mortal souls."
Fine, tell something you felt despicable for doing. Is there anything?
"..I have made some regrettable mistakes. Demons are not created; we are altered beings. Whatever I did that turned me from angel to demon."

28. Is your OC a conspiracy theorist?
"My ilk and I make facade conspiracies to keep mortals paranoid and distracted from our actual dealings."

29. Someone does something awful in front of your OC. How do they handle it?
"Besides being human?" Hmm-hm-he-he
Mortmer, come on.
"Ugh, 'something awful' is again relative to your mortal minds. I do not really have an example of me reacting to human actions beyond ignoring them."

30. What is your OC's favorite drink?
"Infused blood nectar. It is similar to a Martini. The ingredients nectar from a specific spiritual flower that has been infused with human blood and soul energies. We add in our own ingredient to ferment. Takes anywhere from 3 to 3000 years for it to age properly."

31. Does your OC prefer to sleep in a warm or cool area?
"The warmth of bodies can be preferable."

32. Would your OC like you if they met you?
Oh, one for me... Ah, I don't think he would just from us talking. But if he realized how much I'd pamper him maybe.

33. A song that reminds you of your OC?
Sadeness by Enigma.

34. Is your OC a nail biter?
"I utilize my teeth to manicure my claws if they tips are not sharp."

35. What is your OC's favorite quote?
"Know this truth: ye are to die. Established, measured, the move of time is a dark march. In this ye shall perish for thy time is frail and finite. Lo, yet I procure life. Verily, I harbor the fruit of life. Granted my boon, thy body will not age, will not rot; will not succumb to mortality. In return thou wouldst offer me thy soul. Without thy soul thou art free to live."
Mortmer smiles and gives a theatrical bow as he finished.
Ugh, Mortmer, you are so full of yourself.

36. Your OC's favorite fashion era? (20's, 70's, etc)
"Now this is something I am eager to answer for you. I have had many styles of fashion throughout the eons, but I admit one era has captured my fancy for much longer than any other. The Elizabethan Era brought about the starched ruff around 1560 A.D. I simply adored the royalty of England at that time. The fashion trend lasted into the 17th century, but it has stayed with me. I do not always starch my ruffs, as you might notice some lie flat, but I think myself most bedecked and regal when I don a starched ruff."

37. Does your OC get excited when they get mail?
"...we do not receive mail. We use spirit messengers or some of our own methods. The only one who has sent me script on parchment is Nekukakos. I will not say I was excited to receive his... invitation. I admire him for his knowledge and power but his body is just foul so being invited to his realm can be far from pleasant."

38. Random thunderstorm! How does your OC react?
A dark energy spreads out like an umbrella above him.
"Well done, Susur."
Unearthly whisper: "My pleasure, Lord."

39. A strange talent of your OC?
"I do think it a strange talent I have stayed my hand from killing you and silencing these incessant questions!"
(I would say his sexual prowess and appetites coming from a being who is supposedly all about death.)

40. Assuming your OC doesn't have them already, what superpower would they want? If they do already, would they change it, keep it, or get rid of it?
"Hmph... Super power? I am limited now to this linear timeframe. It would be nice to once again be able to span time just as easily as walking."

41. Does your OC like/make puns?
"I will not say I would never do it. But puns are beneath me. I can chuckle a little at mortal attempts to be clever or witty."

42. What kind of shampoo does your OC use?
"Shampoo? Please. Nekukakos gave me a skin and fur tonic. Far beyond whatever 'shampoos' humans make."

43. Your OC wakes up with a coin super glued to their forehead. How do they react?
Mortmer looks up at the coin. It burns off of his head. Once it hits the ground he keeps staring at it and it melts into a molten puddle.

44. Can your OC sleep if there's any kind of light?
"Luminescent spirits are fine. Human lights, no. I prefer darkness or grayness most of the time."

45. What kind of self-esteem does your OC have?
"Self-esteem is a mortal construct which is typically not within the scope of demons. Some of our lowest ranking kin, I use kin loosely, tend to be rife with jealousies of how they do not have higher office, power, or standing.

46. A word that your OC can't stand?
"When humans use the word compel directed at me. Pitifully they think hey could have any sway over my will or invoking Christ or their faith would have effect on me... ugh it only compels me to kill them."

47. Does your OC fold their clothes, hang them up, or just leave them in the basket/dryer?
"I have countless servants. Susur being on call at all times. Why would I deal with the mundane care of my own garments? I rarely take them off myself personally."

48. Would society call your OC a good guy or a bad guy? What would they say they are?
Mortmer blinks slowly with a sardonic expression, "I am a demon. Who would call me good?"
What about you Mortmer? Would you say you are a "good guy?"
Mortmer pauses and looks down, "There are worse than me. But I am a 'bad guy.' I cannot deny that."
(Humility to such a simple question?)

49. Your OC's most prized possession?
"...Some clothes which were actually given to me... Some physical artifacts of significance. My grove of trees."

50. What is your OC's happy place?
"My personal spiritual plane when it is empty of unwanted dream guests. I walk among the tombs and the groves. I enjoy the peace that is there so I can clear my head: elucidate my insufferable emotional constructs which build in dealings with this realm."

Anyone else is free to add a question to ask Mortmercaton!

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