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Eye dunno. X3
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I may or may not

Be alive. Possibly. I just... really want to create and have somewhere to post my stuff up. I liked my start here on Weasyl. I died out on FA and on here a long while ago though. I want to fix that but I also want to be somewhere I like. Activity is important. I haven't been on here in so long so I…

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Get to know Mortmercaton - Questionnaire

OC = Mortmercaton 1. A little-known talent of your OC? "I normally don't speak of this, but I can transfix any mortal, spirits, and some lesser demons with my eyes." 2. What trait does your OC like best about themself?(Eyes, guitar skills, random bird facts, etc) "I am most persuasive. It is a skil…

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Harkening to a Deathly Past

Perfectly appropriate for this coming holiday, I am planning to work on (and rework) some monstrously macabre deathly devils of mine. In so doing, I've decided to upload some older art of mine to show some of my previous work on them for reference. Say hello to the star of our show, Mortmercaton th…

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R.I.P. My Laptop

So my Toshiba went kaput on me. Motherboard failure of some sort. I was told it'd be best to just get a new laptop instead of sinking money into a dated one. So I'm in a transition while I gather funds to get the new one. I do have my hard drive and all my stuff is safe as far as I know, but now I…

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Crushing on the strange things

So, I don't know why my xenophilia takes off to new heights at times. But I am strongly drawn to beings that are foreign to the human genome. For example, tonight, I watched Tales from the Darkside: The Movie and there was one story involving a gargoyle. It killed a guy in an alley and then spoke,…