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Heyhoooo :3 Im Tychon , nice to meet ya heh

I decided to spread my art around on more than just one artsite (which was Furaffinity so far) so here I am.
As you may see I´m drawing lots of weightgain and/or feet related things of where my main subjects often are Pokemon or Digimon.(And some other particular characters )

Here some more about me : I started drawing back in 2007 where I got a drawing tablet for my birthday(which I still use today XD) I´m an completly selftaught artist from Germany who still sucks at some major things like good backgrounds n stuff but I try to improve with every picture I do. So you might see a mix of pictures I´ve created over the course of 9 years.

At the moment I´m studying so I´m poor as hell :P Commissionwise I draw nearly everything (but remember that I´m much better drawing fat and or feetsies hehe) There are a few exceptions of what I´m willing to draw though.(just send me a note or something if you want to commission me )

Although I had this account for some time now I havent really gotten into using Weasyl at all... so bear with me if I´m too stupid to figure something out on here :3

Soo..... Thanks for reading ^w^ I hope I will some new Friends on here too ! I might be a bit shy so dont hesitate to send me a note if you´re up for a chat or something :D I love reading comments and notes (who doesn´t ? )


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    Hey, thanks for the fave!
    I quite dig your fat related work~

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      Cool :3 And you´re welcome :D I also dig YOUR fat related work hehe , gonna give you a watch too hehe! How are you doing ?

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        Why thank you, I really appreciate that! I'm doing pretty well, just chugging along through the school year. How's about you?

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    Thank you for following me and for the favourite via Lauraliean's post. :) For now, all my work is on FA however - though I do mirror the weekly Paw-Post journal here. :)