[FAT] Caught Guilmon Stealing by Enigma Dragan

[FAT] Caught Guilmon Stealing

Enigma Dragan

19 July 2015 at 05:45:39 MDT

Guilmon: "... Um, Enigma Not working on Princess Luna?"

So that's where the bread gone, to My Guilmon's belly...
Making excuses is not going to work, You will need to work for the bread you ate, Guilmon!

So hey all!
I have been promising Princess Luna drawn and such but every time I announce it, I get... complications after,
Plus recently I've been feeling extremely awful too, terrible...
so I decided to let my hand draw whatever it likes aaaand it wanted to draw my Guilmon being abit thick-ish... I like thick characters, maybe it's time I need to get My guilmon, renamon and Blaziken worked on and give them details to make them standout from the regular ones to truely claim them as mine~

Also, this is a Quick-ish Bust shot I believe how they call it, I plan to open for such type as commission soon~

Guilmon © Bandai, right?

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