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I'm a total pawsexual. :3
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For now, FurAffinity is the primary/sole site for all my work. Please have a visit there to see my profile and work. Eventually, as time allows, I'll try to get a mirror of my stuff posted here as well. So until then, head over to FA:


I also have accounts on SoFurry and Inkbunny, but those will only ever be used for viewing mature artwork. Cheers!

Important note on Friend Requests: Given that they are necessary in some cases to view certain art, or send private messages, I have to change my usual policy of being neutral and not accepting them. As such, I will accept them, but please ask that if you don't know me or talk to me on a somewhat normal basis then don't be surprised if I don't accept your request. Nothing personal.


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The Paw-Post will be postponed today...

on 27 May 2019 at 14:51:16 MDT

Hi All,

So... the last week was very busy, and I'm out of town for 3 days this week. I have two highlight interviews in-progress, but not yet complete as well. So... while I could rush like mad and get a "Paw-Post Lite" out tonight, I would rather give you guys a complete one that's not rushed. Since I'm away for so much of this week, it'll just be easier to continue working on the existing one than trying to do a new one, SO, that's what I'm doing. I'd much rather give you guys one quality Paw-Post, than two very rushed ones.

Up-and-coming Artist highlights (just to tease) - Tai_L and SidmonTheBear! Alright, have a good week everyone and see you ... checks jeez... in June already, wow. So yes, June 3rd!


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