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ToeClaws / 48 / Male / London, ON, Canada

I'm a total pawsexual. :3
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For now, FurAffinity is the primary/sole site for all my work. Please have a visit there to see my profile and work. Eventually, as time allows, I'll try to get a mirror of my stuff posted here as well. So until then, head over to FA:


I also have accounts on SoFurry and Inkbunny, but those will only ever be used for viewing mature artwork. Cheers!

Important note on Friend Requests: Given that they are necessary in some cases to view certain art, or send private messages, I have to change my usual policy of being neutral and not accepting them. As such, I will accept them, but please ask that if you don't know me or talk to me on a somewhat normal basis then don't be surprised if I don't accept your request. Nothing personal.


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Latest Journal

HAPPY NEW YEAR, also updates, holiday medical chaos stuff

Soooo... people are probably starting to wonder what's going on as it's been way, way too long since I've posted anything, so, I'll break down what's been going on of late with things so y'all know what's going on in this old dragon-dog's busy life:

Abnormal Holiday Chaos
The holidays are chaotic for most of us, but this year came with an unexpected twist: my wife ending up in the hospital. To sum it up, she got sick with something that went straight to her lungs. My wife has Lupus, osteoarthritis, early stage COPD and a slew of other problems, so getting what they eventually called a case of "atypical pneumonia" really did her in. She was going to go to Emergency but decided last minute to try a Walk-In Clinic (her normal doctor was on Christmas Holidays) hoping getting some antibiotics might help clear it up for Christmas, but that didn't work out. Christmas came, and she had so much trouble breathing that doing anything other than sitting down or laying down had her coughing and gasping for breath. For the first time ever, she wasn't able to spend Christmas with her daughter (at their place) or her grandkids. That sucked. So by the next day we were at the hospital, and they admitted her. She spent 4 days there (3 on oxygen) as they tried to figure out what the heck she had. After being discharged, she's remained very short of breath, and still can't do anything much, so I'm taking care of everything task/chore wise until she's at a point where she can manage again. Poor girl. :/

The Paw-Post
After ceasing the weekly Paw-Posts in October, I was hoping to resume them in a new format for a monthly release that was more artist/character highlight focused. Was hoping to get new art and get time to link to all the past ones and so on - that didn't work out so well. Two different automotive repairs and up-coming holidays laid bare any budget for art, and then I spent the first 2 weeks of November on-call, and the middle of December on-call. Paired with the holiday rush, and I have just not had ANY time to pursue the interviews that I have lined up - one has been in-progress now for 6 weeks. >_< So even at a once-a-month release rate, I am still finding it immensely hard to have the time to do a Paw-Post. I still fully intend to do them, but I guess they'll be starting in January now instead.

Art Uploads
Many of you may have noticed pics of my fursona or characters popping up throughout the year, but not in my own gallery. That's because I am now about 13 months behind in uploading art to my gallery. Yep... no time again, again, as usual. I am hoping to get to that in January as well. I have lots. :P

Art Downloads
Heh - another fine example of this "no time" problem is that I've now got 821 pictures (as of the time of writing this) that I need to download. XD Again, just have not had the time to do it and organize it.

My Own Art
2018 was an amazing year for art by me, 2019 was a complete dud. The kicker is that it wasn't from not wanting to draw, it was from having my perfect drawing time stripped away because of changes at work. I used to go into work early - first one there - and have completely uninterrupted time to draw before anyone else came in. Perfectly lighting, lot of table top area to work on - it was great. Then changes to the way we record our tickets, time-track and others coming in super-early have completely removed it as a time I could use. Drawing at home requires a literal rebuild of an area to pull it off, but I am working on that. A former co-worker (retired) is refinishing an amazing old 1940s drafting table that I can use for it, and I'll be getting a movable desk/artist lamp that I'm hoping will provide the lighting I need. :) (our house is very dimly lit at night, as that's much healthier for you).

A New Decade!
So yes... HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! A whole new decade stretches before us, and it's just.... crazy to think that the infamous and futuristic-sounding "Year 2000" (at least to my generation) was now 20 years ago. The 2010s were a pretty awesome decade overall for me. I discovered kayaking (in summer of 2010) which has become my most beloved hobby, I met so, so many wonderful new people here and made a lot of amazing and dear friends, I started the Paw-Post, I lost my fear of drawing and actually started doing it, I vastly expanded my knowledge of automobiles and kinda turned into a gear-head for working on them, heh, I entered my forties, I got into a regular work-out and fitness routine (and am in the best shape of my life), and I became a vegetarian. ^_^ So... let's see what the 2020's will hold!

May your new year, and new decade be full of adventure - and even though not all adventures are "fun" - they are all something we can learn and grow from, and become better than when we started them. Always remember that. :) See y'all in the next Paw-Post!

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