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Hi. My name is William. I am a little Australian magpie Located in Sydney Australia.

I'm a 3D artist, and digital artist.

I am not a very fast artist, I will post things gradually, even though I am pushing to do more art on daily basis.
You can find some of my sketches on my twitter twitter once in a while..

Latest Journal

Extending my gallery!..

You might have noticed I am starting to submit some things here~ Thought I do have a LOT more posting planned, it will be trickled in slowly so I don't spam peoples inboxes.

So.. It is no secret I am into a lot of odd things. I have spend the last 10 years separating my galleries and its content to cater to certain audiences.. I am rather tired of doing this. I want everything in one now. Despite how anyone feels.

I will however be utilising the thumbnail system to give content warnings for extreme stuff, cropped down.

Otherwise, any issues with the content, you are welcome to unwatch. I am done filtering who I am and what I am into.

I will admit, I am nervous about this. Just looking at all these pictures..

Please do enjoy what I do post that is to your interest, and also thank you for sticking around for so long.

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    Thank you for the fave :3c

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    Danke for the follow lad

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    Heyhey Will! Glad to see you here too, and thanks for watching! I see you have some art here than on FA and DA. Are you going to update them some time? Also, you might want to update your FA link!

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      I have been rather slack uploading new content here.. I may do a bulk upload some time!

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    Thanks for the watch

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    Thanks for the follow

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    Thank you for following, I love your character.

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    Happy Birthday!