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Welcome, everyone! This is now an archival account! I posted artwork I did from 1993 to 2011. I am retired my old fursona, "Tremaine", because he was a goals fursona, and I feel I've achieved most of the goals I created him for! I don't feel I identify with him anymore. He'll always be a fond memory!

Please make sure you are following my current account, ArrJaySketch ArrJaySketch for ALL my current work!

(I was using ArrJayAfterDork ArrJayAfterDork for Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) stuff for a time, but it's easier just using one account for now!)

You can also find my "Tremaine" accounts here:

FurAffinity (1280 x 1280 pixel limit):
Weasyl (size limit):
InkBunny (no size limit):
SoFurry (no size limit):

I do not role play (RP).

I will not ever take requests. Please check ArrJaySketch ArrJaySketch for trade or commission status.


Fur Affinity
Fur Affinity

Latest Journal

THANK YOU! (And Comments Still Welcome!)

Hey all! I meant to post this on the 4-year anniversary of when I finished uploading art to all these accounts. I got a bit distracted!

Every year that goes by I am absolutely certain I made the 100% decision to re-upload most of my old artwork! I’ve seen nothing but positive vibes and encouragement during all this time!

While uploading the art in 2018, I also learned how to forgive myself! While writing up all of the descriptions, I was keenly aware of how much I had so much negative self-talk. While learning how to say something positive (or at least informative) about every single piece of art, I also learned to forgive myself. AND, I’ve learned how to more easily forgive myself, and others!

BELIEVE ME when I say that self-forgiveness is absolutely a learned skill! It’s a process. It took many hundreds of descriptions to learn! If you are struggling with self-forgiveness, don’t feel bad that it seems to take a long time to overcome. One absolutely has to keep at it!

I also learned that a key to self-forgiveness is putting the original situation back in its context. It’s easy to judge Past Me for actions I took without context. When I think about the situations I was facing way back when, I never intentionally made a bad choice. In fact, I tended to make the best possible choice with the information I had.

Heck, now that I’m properly medicated and have worked through even more issues since I first re-posted my old art, there’s a lot of puzzle pieces that make sense now ONLY after having been properly treated for sleep apnea, severe anxiety, and moderation depression. I am positive I’ve had all of these conditions for a very, very long time!

I am ending on a VERY positive note! With all that I’ve learned and how overwhelmingly positive reception has been, I can promise you I will NEVER let it get so bad again that I delete my artwork. It’s here to stay!!!

Also, if there are pieces that you want to leave comments on, please do!!! Normally one wouldn’t want to necropost, as it were, but hey! The newest piece of art on these accounts is at least 11 years old already, so…go for it! Share your thoughts!

I do regularly check for comments on these accounts! They do get seen!

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