Welcome, everyone! This is now an archival account! I will be uploading most of my artwork from 1993 to 2011, when I stopped drawing anthropomorphic stuff! Once I get everything uploaded up until 2011, this will stay as a static account. I expect to be done uploading before the end of August.

Please make sure you are following both of my current accounts, ArrJaySketch ArrJaySketch for Safe-For-Work (SFW) stuff and ArrJayAfterDork ArrJayAfterDork for Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) stuff!

You can also find my "Tremaine" account here:

FurAffinity (1280 x 1280 pixel limit):
Weasyl (size limit):
InkBunny (no size limit):
SoFurry (no size limit):

I do not role play (RP).

I will not ever take requests. Please check the accounts above for trade or commission status.


Fur Affinity
Fur Affinity

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Thank you, Uploads End Date, and What's Next!

on 3 July 2018 at 20:10:00 MDT

Hi everyone! Thank you all SO MUCH for all your love and support! I won't lie; I've been moved to tears of joy with all the warmth and kindness you all have shown me! I'm really glad to be sharing my old works again!

That said, I totally understand if this is a bit much for some of you. I totally don't mind if you want to unwatch this for now! I take absolutely no offense at all. :-)

At the current rate of 20 uploads a day, if I upload every single day I expect to have everything up through my 2011 art uploaded by August 24th/25th, and NOT mid-September like I originally estimated. (I had a lot of duplicate images in my folders, works-in-progress, and other pieces I just don't want to share ever again.)

After that, what's next?

1) Keep drawing! I want to keep drawing daily doodles, because they're fun! I want to do something every day. Make sure you're following my other accounts!

2) Take the thumbnail sketches I've been posting on ArrJaySketch ArrJaySketch and ArrJayAfterDork ArrJayAfterDork, turn them into refined sketches, ink them, and color them!

3) Work on drawing art on a regular, sustained basis. Before, I tended to be idle for long periods of time with only short bursts of art. Drawing on a regular basis means I can work on improving!

4) Maybe get comfortable with digital work to start streaming one day.

5) Once I am comfortable enough with my stuff again and I can produce stuff on demand with a quick turnaround, I'll think about taking commissions. I won't take commissions before then; I do not want to struggle with them like I did before. I am going to see how I feel in about a year while I work on improving my art habits.

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