Welcome, everyone! This is now an archival account! I will be uploading most of my artwork from 1993 to 2011, when I stopped drawing anthropomorphic stuff! Once I get everything uploaded up until 2011, this will stay as a static account. I expect to be done uploading before the end fo September.

Please make sure you are following both of my current accounts, ArrJaySketch ArrJaySketch for Safe-For-Work (SFW) stuff and ArrJayAfterDork ArrJayAfterDork for Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) stuff!

You can also find my "Tremaine" account here:

FurAffinity (1280 x 1280 pixel limit):
Weasyl (size limit):
InkBunny (no size limit):
SoFurry (no size limit):

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on 10 June 2018 at 19:59:39 MDT

Great news! Very soon after posting this journal, I will be posting my new artwork! You can expect 5-20 uploads a day in batches of 5 throughout the day. At this rate I hope to be done in 3 months or less. I will be sharing art starting from 1993, when I was 16/17 years old, up to 2011, when I stopped drawing anthro stuff. After stuff from 2011 is uploaded this account will stay static. Please make sure you are following my other accounts!

I will be reading all the comments, though I may not a chance to reply until each weekend! Please don't let that stop you from leaving comments, though!

You can find my art here:

FurAffinity (1280 x 1280 pixel limit):
Weasyl (size limit):
InkBunny (no size limit):
SoFurry (no size limit):

Better news I will be re-drawing at least 1 rough sketch/thumbnail of one of the old pieces of art I upload each day, and you can find them on my SFW account ArrJaySketch ArrJaySketch (and not JUST ponies anymore!), or NSFW account ArrJayAfterDork ArrJayAfterDork!

Best news: After I am done uploading ALL my art (probably will take 3 months!), I will turn these thumbnails into full-sized sketches, inked, and colored! The goal is to get myself drawing every single day no matter what! I'll pick my favorite drawing to thumnbnail every day, but I may consider doing more if people are making a lot of noise about another old favorite! Then, I have a bunch more ideas I'd like to draw going forward! I'll probably be drawing a large variety of stuff, long-term (pony, furry, practicing humans because I like them too).

So that everyone is up to speed, I had deleted all my artwork online in 2012 due to a variety of issues. It boils down to me falling into a deep depression combined with a very poor attitude and relationship with the fandom, my own art, and with myself. Some time spent within other fandoms showed me that fandom problems tend to be very similar; and really, it's people you meet and befriend who matter most! (Honestly, fandoms can suck. There's always going to be awful people, awesome people, and everyone in between!)

I learned to work through a lot of issues, learned to love myself and I'm happy to report I am in the best mental and physical health I've ever experienced in my entire life!

Last, but not least, this means that I feel I have a healthy attitude towards my own art for the first time ever!

I am re-posting my art because we all have something we've discovered in a fandom that means a lot to us, and it's always a massive disappointment when it gets deleted, because it's gone forever. You can't look at the thing that made you so happy anymore, and worse, you can't share it with anyone else! I know I had things I found in Pony that means a LOT to me. They helped me to climb out of my dark pit of despair. So, I am posting most of my old art so it can be shared once again! (I say "most" because there are some pieces that I just never felt comfortable with posting in the first place, but was too much of a doormat to assert myself in the past.)

Carefully considering each and every piece I've drawn over the years has also helped me in a way I was not ever expecting in the best possible way! It's awesome to put some problems to rest that I've been keeping buried for a long time.

**I do hope that you all enjoy the ride! **

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