(2011) Bat-Eared Fox Sketches by Tremaine

(2011) Bat-Eared Fox Sketches


23 August 2018 at 04:48:13 MDT

"Drawn in 2011. At the time, I was getting rather tired of having a hedgefox as a fursona. In 1996 I had deliberately picked a species so he would stand out in the crowd. In 2011, I cared way less about standing out. I wanted a fox character, but something not common.

So, I started designing a bat-eared fox fursona! These are some thoughts and designs!

What does this mean for the future of Tremaine? I don't think this change ever really "stuck" because I still think I preferred my hedgefox design anyway.

Moreover, I am retiring Tremaine. He was always an ideal "goals" fursona, and I've met most of my goals. I don't need him to feel OK about myself. For that matter, I don't feel a particular need for any fursona. I have my pony avatar for ArrJaySketch and ArrJayAfterDork because I had been a pony since the 80s, and I've only told very, very few people before MLP:FIM came along. It's nice to be able to share something I've always enjoyed.

If I had to make a fursona, I'd probably just make one based on my interests. I've always loved fantasy and magic. It'd probably be an anthro unicorn of my OC Graphite Doodles, or it'd be a cute, toony little mage red fox.

No roleplaying in the comments, please.

Please ONLY credit the art to "Tremaine" or "Tremaine H. Fox" and a link to the image page.

Once I am done uploading art up through 2011, this account will become a static, archival account.

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