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And if I claim to be a wiseman, well it surly means that I don't know.
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I'm a 20 something genderfluid creative thinker, hobby artist, worldbuilder, writer, crafter, avid food consumer, and internet addict. #obesetobeastarmy

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UPDATE: Commissions Available - Staring $5 Telegram Stickers:

on 18 October 2017 at 16:51:23 MDT

I'm not offering a whole host of commission options, including $5 Telegram Stickers, $10 Icons, and $10 Character sheets!

$5 Telegram Stickers*:

Starring Your Fursona:

For more information on Telegram stickers you can check out this post on my blog. https://thethisthatandtheotherthing.....omissions.html

*Variant stickers [expression changes, additional outfits, and different hair styles are just a few examples] are just $1.00USD each after you buy the base sticker it goes with. So, for example, a thumbs up sticker would be $5.00USD, and adding the other hand for a double thumbs up would be an additional $1.00USD for the second sticker.

Meme Style Telegram Stickers:

Pick your favorite meme and I'll make a sticker out of it starring your character!

$10 Icons:

The chat bubble on these can be any color you like to fit your favorite website, white for twitter, blue for FA, etc![/center]

$10.00 YCH Simple Character Sheets:

Comment here or send me an email at robin_topknot_steelman AT yahoo.com for more information!

Current Commission Queue:

Go and visit my most recent Fur Affinity journal to see my commission queue! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/capt-topknot/

Commission Terms of Service, Mission Statement, and Artist Manifesto. - https://thethisthatandtheotherthingblog.blogspot.com/2017/09/commission-terms-of-service-my.html



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    thank you for the fav

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    Hello again! Thank you so much for faving! This time art of my characters, Aris and Neirith!

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    Hey there, thanks a lot for the fave! I greatly appreciate it.

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    Thank you for the fav :3

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    Thanks a bunch for the fave~

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      But of course!

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    Thanks for watching, reading, listening or whatever you do...