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The arts and crafts of a Genderfluid 20 something creative thinker, artist, crafter, internet regular, nerd, and story teller.
Pronouns: They/them.

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Update - Mass Upload:

on 21 February 2020 at 15:38:50 MST

With the recent issues going on with FA I figured it might be a good idea to upload my stuff to another gallery, in case folks want to see my art but FA isn't available for some reason. So if you're following me, sorry for the flood of uploads you're gonna see in the next little while!


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    I appreciate your Fizzgig Avatar :)

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      Thanks, I've had the avatar for so long I keep forgetting that I even have it! XD

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    thank you for the fav

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    Hello again! Thank you so much for faving! This time art of my characters, Aris and Neirith!

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    Hey there, thanks a lot for the fave! I greatly appreciate it.

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    Thank you for the fav :3

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    Thanks a bunch for the fave~