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Hobbies: Writing (duh) | Poetry | Photography | Drawing | Reading (kind of important as a writer; go to my Goodreads page to see literature genres)

I might not be too active on here, but I'll post something whenever I get around to bringing a story to completion. I may also post some poetry on here as well, even if it won't be "furry;" we'll see.

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Commissions and life things

on 17 April 2018 at 09:09:40 MDT

Hey guys~

I'm currently in the process of figuring out this whole moving thing, because I need to secure a place and be out of my current apartment by the end of August (which is when my lease is up). I also still have to sort through stuff, pack, figure out transport, and make sure my current apartment is clean for the next tenants (and so I don't get charged from my security deposit). I've also had a lot on my mind with where I want to go to start my own life and establish some sort of permanence in my life for once. That's the gist it, anyway.

With that said, I will more than likely hold off on commission work for a while; I'm currently working on one at the moment, but once I finish up that one, I'm going to need to focus on this moving thing for quite some time. There are numerous personal projects I've been meaning to work on as well, but even with those, I just don't know if I'll have enough time right now.

For anyone who's already filled out the form, please send me a note, message via one of my IM methods, or an email if you wish to stay on the wait list or would like to be removed; situations like this is the reason why I don't take payment up front well before I start on a commission.

I'll probably still keep them open, but keep in mind: you will be waiting a while.

I sincerely apologize for all of this; my life's been a mess lately and I need to focus on what's important.


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I am offering short story commissions for any genre, any rating.

They will range from 1K words to 10K words, depending on how long your story ends up.

Pricing is based on how long your story is, rounded up to the nearest 1K words. The rate is $5.00 USD for every 1K words. If you would like your story to be kept private, there will be a $2.00 USD charge; this is for compensation because my only means of promotion right now is through sharing my own work.

Payment is due after completion of the first draft.

There are some fetishes that I WILL NOT write about. Please see this page on my writing blog for more info on that and more.

Please send me a note if you want a commission, or if you have any questions!

Please see my trello for commission progress.

As a final note: I have more of a chance to work on commissions during the weekends rather than during the week!


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