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I might not be too active on here, but I'll post something whenever I get around to bringing a story to completion. I may also post some poetry on here as well, even if it won't be "furry;" we'll see.

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Right then, a few things

on 13 November 2018 at 08:52:30 MST

Hey guys~

There's been a couple things on my mind as of late, but I haven't been able to write up a quick journal entry to keep ya'll up to date until now. A lot of this pertains to commissions, RPing, and a little bit with what's been going on in my personal life.

Regarding commissions: I've been very, very slowly working on them; actually, much slower than I usually crank them out. I'm currently working on one, which is almost done and still in the drafting phase, and I have another one on deck that I have yet to touch. I've already had one person cancel after asking if they still wanted to stay on or not, which, honestly, helps me immensely and makes me feel a little less overwhelmed.

Whenever I get these two commissions done, I'm not sure if I'll open up for them immediately after; it all depends where I'm at with my current situation and how I feel about my writing prospects in general when that time comes.

I've also gotten quite a number of RP requests across various sites like this one and in PMs. While I do currently have a few running RPs that, I'll admit, I haven't touched in some time, it's almost impossible for me to keep track of so many RPs at once. Yes, I do post past RP logs that I do edit and, more or less, have them read more like an actual scene in a story rather than a chat log, but I want to reiterate those are past RPs. Many of the logs I post took place ranging from a few months ago to just over a year ago; rarely do I post any logs that take place within less than a month or two of posting anymore.

With that said, I'll still post past RP logs when I can, but as of right now, I will not take RP requests! Bottom line. I don't have the time or energy anymore to do that, plus I've already had a couple people wanting to RP with me that seemed...demanding about it, thus not making it fun for me.

As for currently running RPs, I may keep those going, I may not; to those who currently have a running RP with me, I'll try to let you know if I make a decision and apologize in advanced.

Right, so, personal life things (though won't go into this too much). In a nutshell, I got stuck working second shift again at my new job, though I'm going to try and get back on first as soon as an opportunity arises; working second shift doesn't allow me much of an opportunity to chat with the majority of friends and whatnot, and I generally don't want to chat with hardly anyone when I get home because it gets so late in the night by the time I get home. Still, I am thankful weekends aren't mandatory, so I at least have those.

I still have a lot of sorting to do, a lot of removing of clutter I've held onto for too long and have acquired recently. Where I'm living right now and the job I have now...I'd like to stay at both for longer than a year and establish some kind of roots; the city I'm living in now offers lots of opportunity, I just need to seek those out and make an effort to take a chance. In terms of living and job situation, for the most part, I'm happy; I just need time to clear out the old stuff that I no longer need, and maybe never needed to begin with.

I will not go into the current status of my love life; period.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I hope you've all been doing well and...I'm sorry that my life's chaotic and have no time to socialize.


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