Welcome to my page. You can see from my artwork that I'm a macro furry who enjoys anything or anyone big.

I'm mostly into canines such as huskies, wolves and so on. A lot of the artwork I do have is commissioned by other artists. In regards to the furry life I am not much of an artist or drawer. I am in fact a furry writer. I tend to write a lot about macro furs and micros in both a casual and erotic format. If you want to get in touch with me then please feel free to do so. Leave a shout or a message and I will get back to you for sure.



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The festive Season is finally begun. But no art this month

on 1 December 2018 at 11:38:28 MST

Well it's here! The most wonderful time of the year and my favourite time too! I'm all set for it now. Got my present shopping done and dusted today. Fortunately I've not had a lot of trouble finding things to get or a lot of people to get gifts for, mainly just the family and three great friends of mine.

Of course it won't be long now until my good buddysr71beta sr71beta comes back down to Newquay for the festive period and his Birthday. Already got something small for this big dragon as well as something for my good buddy and fellow macro StriderShire. I'm not being picky here or rejecting any of my other good friends but they and my fellow macro husky Kenta_Nakamura are basically the closest I have to physical friends and not just furries or faces on social media. These guys have been the truest friends I've ever had. They've been there for me when I was down and out, with severe depression.

Strider is one friend who discovered me through twitter and after meeting him in person, it was like being with an older version of myself, a real life Big Friendly Giant (BFG)! Without him I would have never known about them knowing my brother or the CornwallFurries who are the most amazing people. They too have been there for me when I was down and out as well as welcoming me and making feel so much better about myself and having Asperger's.

Kenta is by far the most nicest furries I've come across as well. Without him, I would never have gone onto making a short macro story into a full length book over 400 pages. Even though we don't talk a lot on telegram or elsewhere, he is there for me. He had been there for me when I started the furry writers group on telegram, he had been there when I was working on my book, he had even been there when I was severely depressed and felt all alone. His art is an inspiration to me and my writing and I still intend on getting something big and hot with him soon. Whenever I get a new macro pic he is kind enough to not only fave it but leave a comment, regardless of whether it's adult or general or even babyfur themed. I do hope to meet him in real life someday like so many of the wonderful furries out there.

And of course there is sr71beta sr71beta, who is on here. I originally found him on here by chance on FA at first and got to enjoy his work, both commissioned and his own. He found out about me after seeing me here I'm from Newquay. I had met him three years ago, just after Christmas and was surprised to see he was actually someone from my old school! We met again in the spring of 2016 when we saw Zootopia/Zootropolis in the cinema. Like Strider he is a lot like me and is like another BFG. He is a great artist and his style is a lot like my own in some aspects, although his is cleaner and sharper than mine, with crisp lines and colors. Apart from his macro furry work, his technical drawings are so highly detailed as is his photography particularly vehicles and space ships. He too has been there for me and had my back. He has also been a great help with advice on furry drawing, though I don't really do it, as I have been with writing. He's great with furry drawing whilst I'm great with furry writing. When we get together, we get on like a house on fire!

Now that I got that mentioned, the next for me to do is to choose something for Christmas myself. Might look at the new hornby class 87 and Oxford Rail MK3a push pull style coaches to go with it and my intercity Driving Van Trailer (DVT). I have got the older class 87, but this is nothing more than the ex lima model with a digital circuit board and no lights along with little to no detail as well as the older chunky style couplings.

Finally I've decided not to get a macro pic this month. Though I have been in contact with some artists regarding a macro pic, mainly of my new macro fox Alex, I've not been able to think of anything suitable for a pic in a way. Part of me didn't want to go for the more common scenes related to macro like rampaging and the like, whilst the other part of me wanted something along the lines of a babyfur macro themed pic with him just playing or getting up to macro things like destruction without consequences. Again I couldn't decide on whether to have just him in a pic or have him with my other macro babyfur Adam in either a macro babyfur or adult macro pic, even though I do have ideas of what to have seen of them together. Another reason why I'm not going to have a macro pic this month is down to costs. Not that I have any problem with paying for something, up to £50/$70 max, I have spent quite a bit over the last week or so on Christmas shopping and still have more to get but only food and drink now for Christmas and New Year as well as daily living expenses for food and petrol etc.

So anyways that's all I have got to say. I will of course be getting back to everyone who has been trying to contact me both here and on social media. I haven't been on either for a week or so because I had family down along side having a nasty cold last week followed by a stomach bug then physio therapy.

In the meantime I hope you all are well and looking forward to Christmas and remember that it's far better to give than receive. If my friends haven't got me anything for Christmas or can't, I'll still be happy. Happy in the fact I got them to them and to others. Happy that they have already given me the best Christmas present I could have that is...friendship.

And as Tiny Tim and Scrooge said at the end of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carrol

God bless us. Each and everyone of us.

Merry Christmas

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