Welcome to my page. You can see from my artwork that I'm a macro furry who enjoys anything or anyone big.

I'm mostly into canines such as huskies, wolves and so on. A lot of the artwork I do have is commissioned by other artists. In regards to the furry life I am not much of an artist or drawer. I am in fact a furry writer. I tend to write a lot about macro furs and micros in both a casual and erotic format. If you want to get in touch with me then please feel free to do so. Leave a shout or a message and I will get back to you for sure.



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Well I'm outta here! Leaving DeviantArt that is not here.

on 7 September 2018 at 10:28:05 MDT

Well that's it! I'm done! I'm leaving DeviantArt! No point hanging around this dump anymore! The jig is up! Time gentlemen please! Bob-voyage! So long!

Yes that's right. It pains me to say this but I've finally had it with deviant art. I'm sorry to say that I've had nothing but trouble in some ways on here and I'm not gonna kid myself here. Why am I leaving? Well for one reason, I've had many a good comment(s) over the years on here, yet sadly I have had many a hater(s) coming my way.

I've had some saying I'm weird and I need help, others posting links to things regarding Japanese monster shows and the like saying how my macros remind them of these. Then of course I have had a common problem on here, art theft! Despite my attempts to try and stop it, nothing has stopped it. And the piece De resistance is, my work being removed by the admin! But why? It's not as if I posted stuff of a sexual nature on here. One piece known as 'Angry Danny' was removed because, according to the admin, it showed Danny having erect genitals to put it cleanly. After looking at the pic in question I myself find this not to be the case. But sadly as the old saying goes 'the house always win'.

They let others post photos or pics of humans in the nude with full genitalia on display in erotic or pornographic poses and let it go by without a fuss, but just one pic of a husky with unsheathed dick gets thrown off because of the way it looks! Seriously if one doesn't like a pic then one should just walk away. Not stop others from seeing it because it offends them slightly!

So that's it sadly. I'm going to be leaving here. I'm not going today, I might not go tomorrow, but I will be leaving here and will probably not come back again.

I would like to take this brief moment to say thank you to everyone who has watched, favored and commented on the art I have posted on there over the years. I would also like to say thank you of course to those who have also taken the time to make such lovely pics of my macros in the form of fan art over the years as well.

I will still be just as active on the other sites I'm part of including FurAffinity, twitter and other sites as noted here:

In the meantime I will reply to any comments or notes on here and other sites posted here. Until then, take care of yourselves and stay positive.

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