Name: Call me NiMo or Therion
Age: 22
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I am an old soul. I enjoy a lot of forms of art. I do digital and traditional. I also do a bit of photography. It was more a fun hobby but my teacher said I had a natural eye for it. shrugs.

I just hope to blend with people enough here. Make some friends and make a few smile. Though if you want to step into my fantasy land. You have to step past my gate guardian. lol


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Deviantart's The Art Theft Discussion

on 19 July 2015 at 12:11:17 MDT

Deviantart's The Art Theft Discussion

This happened yesterday xD. I'm not ganna go over everything but I do like that they provided information on this. But this art site has a bad track record wit it's theft policies.

It's a good chunk of information and I agree with most of it. I even suggest you read it if you have problems understanding copyright stuff. However it's the stance they are taking with it that bothers me. If something is clearly "copyright infringement" they should be able to take action against reguarless if its a third party reporting it. Why when so many other art sites do this without batting an eye. They try to keep their galleries clean of this infringement. They take consideration that yes the original artist might not be aware and maybe even not even a member of the site and can't report it. (Non English speakers get taken advantage of to often because of this policy!)

Also I personally find their tracing policy really bad. I understand people using references and practicing but its just a shady way to get free line art in my opinion. (With their current policy!) DA think it's just perfectly fine to do this because it's slightly changed or its learning purposes.

With all the money they make daily you'd think they have a better call on this? Nah just ganna get the view count and let people buy infringed work. It's not their fault if you do and get tangled with the real artist in a copyright battle later. Bunch of hoo ha!

This is just really tactic so they do not have to deal with the reports and work that goes along with it. "Better believe it!" Lol There have been claims that they use to take third party reports but now they have changed their tune! Think about it!

So this is more to make people aware of this information. Yes it's a good chunk of delicious info but its the way they are deciding to proceed with it. Be aware of your art on DA. What can happen and what your home gallery site will do to help or not help you! There are sites who do take action! You shouldn't be taken advantage of or have you problems side stepped around. I just read hundreds of comments not just upset but yelling for "help!". They want to get help. Not just dumped with information! They want how the site is going to provide its help. They know that they can't do everything and that's not this cry. It's more that many have been throwing so many helpful suggestions that are just getting side step by the site not taking action in any of them. There are other sites that have more watermark options available then DA. Those sites want to help its artists!

Sorry I'm just not a big fan with a lot of main stream art sites. I don't want my work represented by such policies. Support good policies that tune to your beliefs! Support those sites that want to help! And will take action!

Just a last tib bit! Prevent art theft!!

Because I'm a big advocate in way to prevent it happening in the first place! Or least trying too!

-Use water marks!! It doesn't have to be huge but it should always touch your work! Things can be easily erased! Even if its just touching the foot or something. They'd have to try and scratch it off leaving alteration marks on the image.

-Also always use watermarks that are a LINK to your gallery. I read so many scribbled names in the corner you can't find the artist even with their name on it! (Clear letters please!) Think about it! Link back to your gallery as a watermark! Free advertising and people will be able to find you!

-Never upload the full image size! Always keep the biggest file for yourself! You can prove theft because you have the biggest available size of the image. If the theif tried to enlarge it! It would get pixelly! And ugly! Keep those bad boys under lock and key!! Plus xd small images tend to get over looked some of the time. So try to upload the bare minimum size you can tolerate. Personally I have no problem uploading half the size of my originals. Or quarter size smaller.

-Also try to always keep your original pds files! If not on your computer! Some file uploading site that has private settings! I personally use my portable hard drive like a USB stick. Lol

Also always date your work and sign it! Can't stress it enough! My art teacher would bonk my head if I ever forgot! XD It really helps any "who created it" battles you might encounter! Also it help you catalog and if you become famous! They can link all your work back to you! XD Centuries later! Lol
Not saying this will make your work 100% safe but hey its a start to an upward battle! ^^ With a few changes here and there you just discouraged a few thieves!

I've been asked by a few if you want to spread this around, you can. I don't care xd credit or no credit given! People should know! Lol ^^

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