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Hi there! My name is Kinga, You can call me Ki-Re or Korrida. You could have seen my artwork in other (inactive now) accounts - Korrida and Kusaini-tlk. I'm a hobbyist artist (mostly of lions, but I'm trying to do my best also with other animals).If you have any suggestions about my art... I don't bite, please comment!


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Multi update: health, MSc thesis, commissions

Hey guys, I have an multi-update for you.

It seems that things are slowly getting calmer about my health. Wound is looking good for now, nothing wrong is going on. It's closed now, no stitches remained. Skin is still very thin and delicate. I'm very carefull with my words, but there's a chance that everything will be fine.

MSc thesis update: I'm on the home stretch with paper thesis. I just need few days more and I should be done. Then, the thesis presentation... there are high chances, that it'll happen on 20th of July. Maybe the quicker the better for me, otherwise the stress will eat me whole.

Also, commissions! If everything will go with the plan, they will be re-opened on 1st of August! Heads up with new prices:
Also, new rules:
+25% of original commission price, if character's design is complicated
+50% of original commission price in case of second character.

This also means, that with the beginning of August, I might open my patreon. For sure there will be option for support, where you'll be able to see WIPs, sketches, how I do some things, but I might also have few slots on higher tiers with regular art rewards. Will work on details in the meantime.

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    Thank you for the follow!

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      You're welcome! :)