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Cruise romance by TheDeafDriver

Cruise romance


14 February 2014 at 22:07:56 MST

This artwork is for the special valentine's day gift for my mate DragonMaster616 <3

It was inspired from the longest theme RP we ever had up to dated: The cruise ship. My mate loves ships so I decided to draw it us on the cruise ship with romantic theme, hehe. I'm hoping everything that I work on very hard to make the best effort as I could. I'm still learning for the shading, lighting, and highlighting as well the light source.

Thank you to PanScolipede (He's here on Weasyl) for helping me with some basic shadings and the lightsource as well Cationalfa from DA.

I'm hoping that you'll like my artwork so far. I'll try to keeps practicing to improve the better artwork in the future.

DM (C): DragonMaster616
Colin and artwork (C): TheDeafDriver