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Christmas Day by TheDeafDriver

Christmas Day


14 February 2014 at 21:30:23 MST

This artwork was completed in December 24/25, 2013 for surprise to my mate for Christmas. So, this is the Christmas day with me and my mate: DragonMaster616 (I imagined that what our life looks like when we live together in real life. <3 ). It took me around one week to work on this Christmas project with some delays but I have managed to finished it on time.

I would like very, very thankful to my friend; PanScolipede (He's here on Weasyl also), some of my good friends and my mate for helping me alot to learning the shadings, light sources, and highlighting. I'm honesty this is the best artwork I have ever done than any of the other artworks that I been worked on. I'm going to use this techniques for my beyond artworks in 2014 upcoming artworks.

DM (C): DragonMaster616 from FA
Colin and artwork (C): TheDeafDriver