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Outgrown against gym bully by TheDeafDriver

Outgrown against gym bully


This is the second attempt for muscle growth series. This time was two panel of muscle growth.

My sona' Colin went to the opened recently brand new additional room for more spaces for more gym equipment to sets up in that area for out of curiously. Paint on the wall is now dry and the room is completely clean. There is a big gym bully the green crocodile-lizard guy conceited about how big he is and teasing me that I couldn't beat his size. So, Colin have a plan for revenge to use his own power and his muscles suddenly starts to growing to make it bigger and bigger until he have outgrown the gym bully. Never mess with him! ;)

I hope you like my artwork. I attempt several new techniques for shadings, lighting, and highlighting. Hoping to practice more to improve. ^.=.^

Colin and comic (C): TheDeafDriver