Colin as macro 3/3 by TheDeafDriver

Colin as macro 3/3


16 January 2015 at 21:15:47 MST

From previous: and (PART 1!) and (PART 2!)

Finally completed the 3rd part of Colin as Macro, finally the very last project! I'm very thankful to my FA pet PanScolipede for helping me for the shading/highlight details related to tiny Earth with lack of light source included light reflections from the stars that I never been tried before. Thank you, Truss!

Story: After he outgrown the labratory building, outgrown the Earth's continent and continues to growing included adding more muscle masses non-stop! Now he finally outgrown the Earth include the any of other entire planets! Whoa, it getting so huge!

That's the end of this project. However, I will draw him bigger than universe in someday when I have more times to do. ^.=.^

I hope you guys like it!

Colin S (C): TheDeafDriver