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Still fairly new to this site but starting to find my way around

I draw a little, but nothing worth writing home about! 'laughs'

In fact most of my time here will be spent looking at the work of others and i am amazed at the talent so many of you have!

Looking through my favourites i think it's quite clear that i have a rather eclectic taste

If you want to use any of my fursonas in a drawing, please contact me!



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Meme about my sona

on 12 February 2014 at 11:37:29 MST

What made you choose the species of your main fursona?

  • It is 'me' so couldn't go any other way 'smiles'

Is your fursona just like you, or how you want to be?

  • Yes there all some variation/part of me.

Does your fursona have the same personality you have?

  • Generally speaking yes, although different characters carry different traits .

Does your fursona have the same dislikes and likes as you do?

  • Somewhat, somethings are better suited for fantasy then RL, but it's all my likes/dislikes.

Does your fursona look like you at all?

  • In some ways yes, some no. I'd have to say..i'm getting there 'laughs'

Is your fursona the same gender as you, if not why?

  • Yes. Although i would like to have a male version of my self at some point. Why...just because i'd find it titillating.

Do you have more then one main fursona?

  • Yes i do, Wolf, Mare and Feline.

Do you have a back story for your fursona, if so does it have anything to do with your own history?

  • I have for my mare, and no it has very little to do with my own history.

Is your fursona mated, if so is it to your real life significant other?

  • My mare is closely connected to someone but no not mated.

Is there something special about your fursona that you think sets them apart from others?

  • I like to think were all unique in our own way, but i'd have to answer no to this one.

Do you have much art of your main fursona/s?

  • Not all that much, but i'm getting there 'laughs'

Would you ever consider parting with your main fursona, if so why?

  • No, might do a few changes and tweaks here and there, but mainly there going to stay the same.

If you suit, do you have a suit of your main fursona?

  • Don't suit, MIGHT be inclined one day ...

Have you ever roleplayed with your main fursona, or do you prefer not to?

  • 'smiles and looks angelic' i don't kiss and tell.

Do you consider your main fursona to be a part of you in any way?

  • Yes, most definitely! 'smiles'

**If you'd like to include one of my characters in a drawing please feel free to ask!
If the theme of the art is right, i might just say yes. Never hurts to ask ;) **

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