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I'm a traditional artist that started drawing again March 2010 after a 31 year hiatus. I experimented with various media way back then and drew whatever tickled my fancy but mostly big cats (feral). After I quit drawing, I read Sci-Fi /fantasy novels by the hundreds. I was introduced to the world of anthro in 2010 and "WOW! I can combine my cats with my Sci-Fi !" And have been drawing and learning since.

No schooling besides HS and I didn't really learn much there either, I just experimented. I tried oils, acrylic, graphite, and Ink (never color pencil). Loved ink the most. I drew for 3 years after HS till 1979 when I lost my muse. :( Then in 2010, my 15 year old introduced me to the furry fandom. Soon after, I found a box of my dads color pencils from the mid 1950s(he used those pencils to try out for a job as a Disney animator) and started drawing. A week later, I bought a couple hundred more(mostly prismacolor but now won't touch anything besides Polychromos) and have been drawing since. I have learned by experimentation (trial and error) but I think I have learned the most from all the critiques I have received. I prefer the nit-picky kind that point out all the little things that may be wrong...and give suggestions on how to improve. I have never been hurt by a critique.

I have read a couple books on color pencils and didn't learn a single thing. I definitely don't use them like they teach in the books. One of the most important things I've ever learned (about anything) is to "do whatever works best for you."

I am also on DA, FA and Nabyn. All under teiirka

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Qzurr art rafle

If you're interested in getting some traditional art of your character from the amazingly talented Qzurr, check this out!

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    Hello! It's artwork like yours that I aspire to!

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    Are you kidding? Great work here, dude! :)

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    I should have watched you sooner, having considering your skill and tastes. You deserve it!

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    This style is Very well done and Sereneful with care, touch and airy to where anything can fit into its world as onlookers become overtaken by its wonder based on character and background. Keep up the greatwork with this, Teiirka. 4ever stay burnin'. -CR-

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    Oh your art is amazing and you have a nice story to tell!

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    You have a beautiful gallery. i'm really amazed and inspired by looking at it

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    Whoa what? How am I not following you on here exactly? Clearly I've dropped the ball; I'll be fixing that...

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