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Greetings everyone! Welcome to my Weasyl gallery! I am Lai~
My real name is Alison Prince, but I've had my pseudonym for almost as long as I've been drawing.
In the Real World- I am 26 years old, a wife of a Medically retired Army Vet, and the proud mom of a little girl and a little boy.
I've been drawing since I was about 13 years old when I fractured my back in two places. I was unable to get up and move 98% of the day, and the computer quickly became my best friend. I somehow had the luck to meet the brilliant and sweet artist Pookawitch, who motivated and inspired me to draw and draw and draw! Now here I am today! A proud artist and owner of Studio Lai!

I love to make characters and Roleplay, especially if I can make site pages and plots! I've been doing this as long as I've drawn :D

I am also an avid fan of Steampunk style and culture, it fascinates me to no end. In another life, I am known as Lady Lai! Not much is yet known about this Steampunk Lady, but she has been spotted at a few Anime Conventions with her small Troupe. Is she merely a Captain, or maybe a Bounty Hunter as well? What if she is a Thief and Pirate? If you see her, maybe you ought to try and find more about her? You will be in for a treat!

I am also known as Lai-Tut on Deviantart and FurAffinity.

Please call me Lai!~



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I haven't been very active the past few days because I've been really sick. I thought I would be better by today since I got meds from the doctor, but I am worse still. lakjlkglk OTL I will try and catch up as soon as I can, when I am not in crazy pain. Sorry~

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    Thanks a lot for following me and for the kind comment!

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    Yay! Thanks for the watch again~

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    Oh hey! Found me here too XD thanks for the follow and fave! ^^

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    Thank you so much for all the faves and for the follow. /)///(\ I appreciate it greatly. You icon is so precious, omg. >: I want to squish its cheeks!

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    Your icon is just adorable!

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      <3 Aw thank you SO much! Its my little steampunk selfie <3 Drawn by the lovely Eros on subeta~ I love your icon too, that expression is adorable!