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Hi! I'm Safiir Riskovat and Welcome to my gallery.

I'm just a silly art student and that's all I can say. XD

The stuff I watch is mostly on my laptop (anime for example) but when I watch tv, I would watch Criminal Minds, Treehouse Masters, Tanked!, World's Dumbest, anything that's funny, etc.

I do like video games, I just suck at playing them. XD Seriously, I keep killing my characters before the adventure truly starts and it's sad...sort of. Not gonna lie though; I love Majora's mask and Skyward Sword! and reading the four sword plus manga! Too good, too cool, and too cute not to fall in love with them. I also like professor layton, fire emblem (the gamecube ones), and pokemon (all of the pokemon!)

So, if you want to chat,say hi, or whatever! Message me. I'll respond back.

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Cheap Watercolor commissions~

Hello~ I just wanted to see if there's anybody out here that wants a watercolor commission?

It's $15 each and paypal only.
Since I don't know the mailing process, I'll sent the finished product by email...(since I have a scanner! Yes!)

If you're not sure about the topic you like, then just note/message/comment me and I'll answer back.

If you guys don't want a commission, then can you spread the word? It's not necessary, but I just like to see if there's anyone who'd like one. =D

Thanks guys~!

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Traditional watercolor Fullbody, Waist-up, Chibi, and Chibi character study

Fullbody, Waist-up, Chibi, Chibi character study
from $ 25.00
to $ 80.00

Hello Everyone~!

*What I will draw :

Couples - M/M F/F M/F
Tasteful nudes & Pin-ups
Furry & Human/humanoids
Original Characters

*What I will not draw :

NSFW or revealing private areas
Hate art

*If you want the piece delivered to you, Shipping Fee is $2; Please let me know in the Note if you want the piece delivered or I will assume you don't want the piece delivered.
*It will take at most, a month depending on the details of the commission
*I'll start on your commission only after receiving your payment; If you prefer to pay me half up-front first then the other half after it's done, this is an option too!
*If you have any questions, ask me! I'm happy to answer!
*PAYPAL ONLY!! I will note you my paypal link!


*Themed Waist-up Portrait : $40 for Single; $60 for Couple

  • 9 x 12 inches
  • Only One Theme. Ex. : Stars, Cherry Blossoms, Halloween, Rain, Etc...

*Fullbody : $60 for Single; $80 for Couple

  • 9 x 12 inches
  • Detailed Background

*Chibi : $25 each

  • 7 x 10 inches
  • Simple Background

*Chibi Character Study : $65

  • 7 x 10 inches
  • Will have 3 - 5 chibis in page
  • Single character only!



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