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So, instead of me neglecting to post stuff, I will be posting my collection of art here. Mostly it will be of Stakie. So, from here on out I will be posting SFW or tasteful nudes.

For those who watch me, know that I post Raffles in my journals. It's a good way to keep on raffles if you're into them.

Please also check out my collections as there will be more art there.


This is a journal entry to remind me of stuff I am or have ordered. Also, just a ton of little things related to commissions. Wanted to remake this and edit it a bit. I deleted the old one.

Commissions Ordered/Ordering

None at the moment



People I would love to commission in the future! (Or just generally get art from!) [Trying to only post people here on weasyl!]

vera vera Not sure I will ever catch her open. Specifically would love to make a character with her custom species! Read the entire story and just find it super fascinating!
l2edpanda l2edpanda Though I did note them on FA at one point and never got a response, I still adore their style. I chalk it up to being a busy person! Been wanting to get a piece from them for a very long time! Just got to figure out the right piece!
Tiki_San Tiki_San I can't say much other then I adore their style! They are an amazing artist and the only person I am a patreon of.
rachelleverity rachelleverity Though I just began watching this person. They have made probably one of my favorite art pieces ever. The lively expressions are to die for!
sbneko sbneko I have been watching them on FA for soooo long! The adorable is just infectious!
rodentblood rodentblood One of the artists I found here on weasyl. I instantly knew I NEEDED to have art by them.


Commission Ideas!

Looking to get a weasyl banner made with images of Stakie!

Stakie playing with her two fluffy chinchillas!
Edwardo and Sgt flufflepuff. (These are my actual IRL pets. The kind that live in cages and can fit in the palm of your hand!) I'll have to post pictures or something at some point!

Stakie Cosplaying Sona. Maybe arcade Sona? Sona Picture

Stakie with any of her friends.

Stakie scary-ing the bajeebies out of people. By either transforming in front of them, like anthro to human or human to feral or something. Ripping off her skin, bones breaking...something! I WANT TO BE SCARY!
(Running joke that I can't be scary! Just cute. I AM NOT CUTE DARNIT! I AM FURROSCIOUS! No one believes me!)

Stakie looking for BLOOD. As if pissed and rabid!

Stakie Getting a footrub!

Stakie working! Creating wonderful pieces of art...soap art that is! Having her crock pot out maybe looking like a mad scientist!

Stakie Cosplaying LoL Fiora in her headmistress outfit. Telling people to go to the corner! Yup... Fiora Picture

So much more to add later! Lots of comic scenes and such.

Latest Journal

Raffle by MissN

Cute art raffle by MissN over on FA!

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