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If you'd like a commission, I'll sometimes open by journal or you can ask me to see if a slot is open. I now use waitlists so I may have room on it for you.
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I'm dealing at Vancoufur + Making an enamel pin!

on 24 October 2017 at 16:32:48 MDT

Guess what what guys, I'm going to be selling at Vancoufur this year!

And here's the awesome thing, getting a table means I will for sure be making an enamel pin for this convention. It's going to be marine themed, with, I suppose it would be a pun, about "profanity" and french words! That's the only hint you're getting for now! :3

So what I'll be doing: I will be taking pre-orders of this pin once I'm finished the art (Unless you want to now and be surprised I guess! :P). This would be your guaranteed way to get the pin, as the rest will be sold at Vancoufur. Any left overs will be available online, but that is definitely not a for sure thing. Pus! If all goes well, and the more pre-orders I have, the more likely I'll reveal yet another pin. Currently, the design is still being decided.

Now, for the con!
I plan on doing sketches and inks while I'm there. I'll have prints available, and some stickers as well. I might possibly have buttons too. Anything extra we'll have to see about! I'm quite likely going to be doing badge pre-orders that can either be mailed to you, or picked up at my table.

And of course, I'll make sure to clear my commission list, so people can ask for digital, take home commissions while I'm at the con, so that I can work on them when I'm back home.

Stay tuned for my actual booth location, as that's still being decided I believe.

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    Anyone ever tell you your art is adorable?

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      Many times :P But thank you! :3

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    I just want to let you know that your art cheers me up. Please keep up the work!

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    You have gorgeous art! I love how clean and neat everything looks :D

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    Thank you so much for the icons! They are absolutely beautiful.

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    Cute arts<3!

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    dude this is so cute! love your art. totally gonna follow

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    I know you are closed for commissions but do you have pricing?