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A BA Hons Fine Art student at Lancaster University, I am an experienced artist with a wide range of ability when using traditional media. However, since I moved to university, I developed an interest in Digital artwork, and the process, and after purchasing a graphics tablet for christmas, 2013, I began to teach myself. I am merely a beginner, with less than a years worth of digital experience under my belt, however I am hoping I will improve if I remain patient.

I stream regularly, and I always welcome critiques, advice, comments and red lines, so if you wish to help out an amatuer digital artist, then message me and let me know how you can help! To me, every point of view is valuable.

I may begin to do adoptables soon, and commissions are welcome, depending on the subject matter and how much time I have with my ever looming mountain of degree work, so if you wish to commission me, message me with what you are wanting, and we can negotiate a price.

Hope you enjoy my artwork, and as I say, bare with me, I am merely a beginner.

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Commissions open + adopts

Ok, so I am currently experiencing financial problems, and am over £100 in debt after multiple large payments being taken from my account all at once... I am opening commissions. Please note me with your requests, and I'll quote you a price. Traditional is also available, but there will be an added postage charge.

On top of this, I am selling a number of my characters, and am going to make a pile of adoptables for quick sale (these new adopts will be paypal only. The current ones being sold for points will be converted to money after purchase).

These are the adoptables up for sale right now:

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I charge £15 per hour. If you want to commission me, send me a message, either on here, or via my deviantART (, or email me at amakura AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk



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