Afternoon Stroll by Sshorty (critique requested)

Afternoon Stroll (critique requested)


11 August 2014 at 14:40:00 MDT

My OCs Axl, and his grandfather Kato. These two are members of the Umafisi pride. Axl, the male at the back, was abandoned by his parents and was raised by his grandfather, Kato. Katos cubs and mate ran away from him not long after their birth, and therefore he never knew them despite seaching for years. However, one day, his grandson, Axl, who had heard great things of the Umafisi pride, their king, and his grandfather, went on a search to find the lands. The young adolescent searched for weeks, until one day he stumbled upon the remote island the pride ruled over. It was here Axl settled down, joining the pride and was raised from then on by Kato, the pride grandfather.

Grandpa Kato, now deceased, is known to be one of the oldest lions to have lived in Umafisi. He was well battle scarred, even being left blind, and tied by the ankles by poaches. He was wise, well respected and had a lot of experience in defending the pride, and in all aspects of life.

This image depicts Axl leading his blind grandfather through the Umafisi pridelands, taking what was to be one of the last walks he would take with his grandfather, and carer.

Characters copyright to me.

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    I really love the detail you've put into these two...the age and scarring of the two characters!