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Maybe some stories here and there and some stuff of the anthropomorphic variety! Dunno!

Also that one radioactive coyote monster.

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New Year, New hard drive, new semester, new new new new new

SO yeah. uuuhhh...'Nother year's happening! Cool beans! Not really big on the yearly resolutions thing, but I do have a few personal goals for coming few months.

First is to pass calculus. I failed my calculus class last semester. First time I failed a class too: not a fun feeling by any means. Last semester's failure shouldn't present a problem down the road, apart from a GPA hit, as I have prerequisites for the next class done but...bleh, crappy feeling that was! Still, I think this can turn into a good thing for me. Been having a habit of...sorta coasting through things and not studying a ton in most of my classes...yeah, that worked in high school, ain't gonna be working beyond my first year of uni last year. Time to kick my butt in gear and bury my nose in some textbooks.

Next is to get my foot in the door of the cycling industry. Almost finished redoing my resume, and once I do that, I'm gonna start emailing one of the sales reps from a certain bike company to try and get working with them come summer. Ideally, that'll pan out well and I'll either be working full time assembling their demo fleet of super high-end bikes, or riding around the country in a van full of crazy-expensive bikes helping hold demo days.

Third is to draw more. Just seriously. Do it more. And make more fractals. Those are fun. And now I have a shiny, new, SSD installed so that's nice!

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