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All of my submissions have been removed

I think I'll stay around just so I can favorite other peoples art. =)

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    Thanks for faving +watch! <3

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    Yooo, you got an amazing sense for colour and I love you space / cosmos fractals! Is there a possibility that one might use your art as a background?

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      Aww thanks for the comment and follow! :3

      As for backgrounds, I have some available to use for free. all the others are not free to use because they're being licensed.

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        Whoa, I used your Save the World as my bg on my work PC for quite some time! I love that colour scheme! I guess I got it from dA?! Glad you are on Weasyl too and I will link you if I ever use one of your artworks :3 Thank you so much! Thats really generous!

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          I used to have a DA account but I hate DA so I closed it. =) And no problem!! I plan on making more free backgrounds before the year is out.

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    Many thanks for the fave. :)

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    Thank you for the fave! :)