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Hrt + life

on 3 April 2020 at 17:45:15 MDT

270 days ago i started on estrogen, best decision of my whole life.

so like, some realness, i am absolutely struggling with art while dealing with HRT!
but I'm still in a nice "i don't hate myself as much anymore"
i actually smile when i look in the mirror now :>
i have not done that in YEARS!

I've met some really cool queer people locally and was kidna meeting and hangng out with a lovely someone for the first time in 9 years!
then they moved for work (I MISS THEM SO MUCH ESPECIALLY NOW) , but i am still in contact with them and i cherish what time i had with them :>
I've opened up to dating again, as i've gotten over some of my issues with affection and relationships, it's great!

I've been working hard to fight my anxiety and depression via therapy and hard work, it feels like i've been making a little progress, which is good!
oh i did a book cover for a friend, i'll let y'all know when that's up and ready for purchase :>

i picked up guitar, i'm slowly learning it's fun! i ordered a fuzz peddle and i might acutally get it inthe next few months cause mail here has been spotty at best cause of the horrible thing.

hope ya'll are being safe and taking care :>

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    Niiice art, man! I love the amount of detail you put on into everything. <3

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      Thank you very much uwu

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    Hallo! And thankin' you :D

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    Not proud of the background, but SUPER proud of how it came out. even if a few things are wrong. I didn't wanna muck with it too much, but tadaa! Finally getting back into the swing of things. Would you say? ; }

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      i think is lookin good, but i am currently sick, but will see about finding someone to help critique

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        Thank you! I could have added a few reflective lights on her but other than that, I think I'm mostly okay with it. That & I made part of her nose too wide. *shrugs& ah well! haha

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    Thanks for the follow. :)