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on 11 May 2019 at 15:37:43 MDT

tl:dr at bottom

going through your old journals is a good way to to hate yourself, or to recognize how much you have changed.

i held a lot of flawed views, i didn't have a lot of worldly experience and i was making due with what i had.
i held some under the surface sexist and lgbt phobic views and shitty views on equality... and it shouldn't have taken nearly kicking the bucket to examine said views.

also i started talking to a trans friend about things back in 2016 and came to the conclusion, i'm more than likely transgendered.
the more trans folks i talked to the more i found people i identify with on some level i didn't really understand before.

so hi I'm Dee...or DeeDee if you prefer.

and who i was before is essentially dead, because i no longer... recognize that person? it feels like a completely different person and i don't know how to explain that better than that.

i mean i'm still confused as fuck about a lot of things regarding who i am, but eh.


i'm gonna transition into a lady
i'm sorry for any dumb shit views i held in the past, i was a kid with no world experience who thought thew knew more than they actually did, also the me from that time is dead :>

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    Niiice art, man! I love the amount of detail you put on into everything. <3

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      Thank you very much uwu

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    Hallo! And thankin' you :D

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    Not proud of the background, but SUPER proud of how it came out. even if a few things are wrong. I didn't wanna muck with it too much, but tadaa! Finally getting back into the swing of things. Would you say? ; }

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      i think is lookin good, but i am currently sick, but will see about finding someone to help critique

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        Thank you! I could have added a few reflective lights on her but other than that, I think I'm mostly okay with it. That & I made part of her nose too wide. *shrugs& ah well! haha

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    Thanks for the follow. :)