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names and accounts

lately i have been thinking of starting a new account here...
why though? i have such a history here and on other sites, i have built my base around these accounts.

but ever since i started transitioning, i have found it hard to... associate with who i was? i feel so separate from that person, even though it's my history.
it's kinda disarming to see a name i no longer associate with myself on my old art.
i've been thinking of just, leaving this page as an archive of my work and starting fresh with another account?
i have too many pictures to just, go back and edit my name out of every single one...

i'm not gonna take down or deactivate this, just... setting it aside.
i would appreciate the thoughts of other trans folks on this, how did you navigate this?

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    Haha, you goober! You've been posting all this awesome stuff on tumblr and I've been missing out on seeing it here. Love the werewoofs, happy to see you are still doing ok.

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    Niiice art, man! I love the amount of detail you put on into everything. <3

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      Thank you very much uwu

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    Hallo! And thankin' you :D

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    Not proud of the background, but SUPER proud of how it came out. even if a few things are wrong. I didn't wanna muck with it too much, but tadaa! Finally getting back into the swing of things. Would you say? ; }

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      i think is lookin good, but i am currently sick, but will see about finding someone to help critique

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        Thank you! I could have added a few reflective lights on her but other than that, I think I'm mostly okay with it. That & I made part of her nose too wide. *shrugs& ah well! haha