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Hi, my name is Jayden, but I'm better known as Kludge. I like to do all kinds of art. I illustrated for Buoy-Friend the comic. Sometimes, I do smoother art as Skunkerz, but not often.

If you like my work, you can support me through Ko-Fi, Patreon, and PayPal. I also try to take commissions in the middle of the month.

Let me know what you think, I highly encourage feedback on my work.

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I did it! (Kinda sorta)

Those who have been here for a while likely know of my constant laments, but for those who otherwise do not know: I’ve been unemployed my whole life. Other than the obvious financial part that comes with that issue, it’s been just as much of an emotional struggle with major hits to my self worth and all that.

But today, that has changed. (Well, for a little while anyway.)

For the next few months, I will be doing scenic carpentry—and other stagecraft-related tasks—for work! Real work! As I had mentioned in December, scenic carpentry is something I kind of just stumbled into last Fall, and it quickly grew into a strong interest. Getting employed in general is already an enormous feat in itself for me, but the fact that it is specifically something I’ve recently become deeply passionate about is an even more amazing thing.

Wow! Lots of exclamation points today to convey my excitement.

Of course, I wish that I could have gotten regular normal employment that I could depend on for a longer period of time, but this is the best I can do for now, and I’m already very pleased. And considering my nonexistent history of employment, I really wanted to share that I got a job, even though it is a temporary one. I feel incredibly lucky that all these things came together as they did (and the competition was very low for this position), and I can finally have some genuine employment to include on resumes–aside from the hodge podge of volunteering, and trying to explain my whole thing with art commissions on it…

Yep, that is all. I would love it if you would share something good that happened to you recently so I can celebrate with you too.

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    Hi! just wanted to let ya know your designs are brilliant! i'd love to draw kludge!

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      Thanks very much, I haven't made any new designs in a while, but I'm still very fond of the characters I've had all these years.

      You're welcome to draw him if you'd like. If you're referring to this reference sheet, just keep in mind that the light greys on him should actually just be white. I'd like to think that one day I'll finally take a minute to simply fix that upload, but I think by that time, I'd no longer be in "early 20's" as stated on the ref, and so I should just make a new sheet or something.

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    Thank you for the fave!

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    just wanna say your style is absolutely fantastic. I love the sharp angles so much, it is a bit hard to describe but it feels nostalgic but has a very unique feel to it all.
    Keep up drawing!

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      Ah, well, it's been a while since, but some have described the angles to be reminiscent of PS2 graphics, so I can see why. Can't say I grew up with those all that much though, but I really do adore the looks of low-poly figures regardless.
      Thanks so much, glad you enjoy~

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    Psst... your art style is incredible, and I love your characters 💖💖

    I'd love to draw Kludge at some point if you're okay with that!

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      Aw, thanks. It seems as though I've followed you in ~2015 before your Weasyl absence, I definitely like your recent stuff too and will stick around for it.
      I really need to make all my characters proper refs sometime, heh.

      No obligation, but yes of course, that'd be very sweet of you to draw him T___T
      The very light greys on his most current reference should be a regular white... I was kind of out of my mind when I made it, thinking it looked fine at the time, but it's always been white.

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    Thanks for the fav my dood!