Midnight Oil by Sparkyopteryx

Midnight Oil


9 November 2012 at 17:52:31 MST

Even though this has nothing to do with my characters or my story, I like it too much to NOT upload it here. I may relax my whole "only characters and story-related stuff" rule on here soon, since I'm actually quite enjoying being on Weasyl. Thankfully my gallery is now up-to-date, so no more mass uploads!

An experiment in ballpoint pens; its a medium I've always liked working with, but I've never actually created a full-scale piece with it. My beleaguered sketch paper didn't take kindly to all of that ink, so it buckled and curled horribly. I'm a little disappointed in the scan as a result; perhaps I'll get some weight on it and rescan it later and update this.

Let it be known that 98% of the creation of this piece was done listening to Dead Can Dance. This is actually significant. Listening to them is like a spiritual experience, and by extension this picture became one as well.

Done with blue and black ballpoints (some generic brand) on Strathmore sketch paper (never doing that again). A reference was used for the Rook, but there were no underlying pencil sketches with this piece and there was nothing premeditated; entirely freehand and free-form.

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    Good band, favorite bird. And all in ballpoint! This is amazing.

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      The kind of zen I get from those listening to those guys is a little uncanny, to say the least. That was the first bird that popped into my head when I was thinking about this piece, and rooks are just so distinctive-looking. Thank you very much!

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        Oh, sorry for the glaring grammatical errors in the above comment! Getting over a head cold doesn't do well for my state of mind, ha!

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    Oh geez! Ballpoint too? I love ballpoint work, there's just something about it that I just can't seem to put into words. This piece is just breathtaking, what you created with no work up is incredible!

    I also just gotta ask, will this piece ever be for sale?


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      Yeah, I love working in ballpoint almost as much as graphite these days; probably because it feels very similar to pencil in that it responds well to difference in pressure.

      I've actually seriously considered selling it and I figured the first person that expressed interest would get first dibs; I don't currently have a price set in stone for it though.

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        I'm very interested!! Let me know when you come up with something. :)

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          Alright, sure thing; I'll message you with the particulars.

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        I've been trying to send you a private message concerning commissions but there seems to be a bug on the message page. just got back from site support reporting it.

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    Wow, another (after Razzek on dA) master of ballpoints. o:

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      I still have quite a lot to learn about this medium, but thank you all the same!

      I know that artist too; she does great work.