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Fiddle-Dee Filigree by Sparkyopteryx

Fiddle-Dee Filigree


12 November 2012 at 13:34:11 MST

I am finally able to submit this! I actually finished this back in October and I was going to submit it for Samhain, but the other half and I were between paychecks and things got a little hectic, so I couldn't get down to Staples until today. This picture is a big'un, which is why we had to scan it there instead of on my scanner at home. The original file was pretty damn big too, come to think of it...

You are definitely going to have to download this one if you want to catch all the tiny hair-thin details. And trust me, there are plenty. I got sudden inspiration for doing this when I was watching Alice in Wonderland. Go figure. I wanted to do more work in silhouettes, composition, line width and fun stylistic effects. Now normally I almost never get hand cramps when I'm working but damn this picture was rough on the old digits when I started inking it! It's alright, it was a labor of love. <3

Done on smooth Bristol paper cropped to 11x14 with Staedtler pigment liners. No references, and some of the designs on the border were ad-libbed during the inking process. Everything else was sketched beforehand. Art is mine, character belongs to my other half.

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