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"Oh look... by Sparkyopteryx

"Oh look...


9 November 2012 at 17:47:30 MST

...she's late again. I'll just have to order for her this time."

Made around the same time as my previous submission entitled "You...need something?" This time I wanted to go with a bit of extra color here and there, along with trying out effects with my China White pencil; it sure gave him a pallor any Goth would be envious of, heh. This is the other half's character Oidhche as he looks in the Shadowrun RPG setting.

I think his girlfriend Topaz shows up late on purpose sometimes. Traffic my ass.

Done with various graphite pencils, sketch pencils, a few Derwent Coloursoft pencils and a China white pencil in my Moleskine sketchbook. No references, took about 4 hours or so, just like the Thorolf portrait before it. Character belongs to the significant other.

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Visual / Traditional


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    The shines and shades in this are just fantastic!

    I also love the clothing shading, a textured feel. c:

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      Indeed, and that fucking hair is just...jeeze.

      I was kind of winging it when it came to designing his Shadowrun outfit; it reminds me of certain types of military formals.

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        Well like I said, this looks fantastic!

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    that's one long nose he has :O

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      Yes indeed! He's a human incarnation of a spirit that normally looks vaguely like a raven, so the bird-like profile tends to hold over when he's in a mortal guise as well.

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        how unique and unusual :D unusual is cool ^^