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Everyone brings happiness to the net in their own way, most when they log on, others when they leave.

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Well looks like I got my first weasyl troll.

Some butthurt little troll is crying about me not liking the changed thumbnails.
Just when I start to believe weasyl isn't bad as FA I find this troll making call out journals (Even FA doesn't allow that).

Some people really shouldn't allow their children to use the internet, I'm half tempted to contact his parents (If he has them) and tell them their child is on an adult site.
Clearly he's not mature enough to be here and the staff should really look into his age.

That is all, end rant.

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    I am over here as well

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    Thanks for the watch! umm i mean follow... its pretty much the same thing..
    keep it up and keep it kool!

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    Thank you for following me.

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    Thanks for the follow, much appreciated! :)

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      You're welcome.

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    Thanks for the following

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      You're welcome, love your work.

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    Thanks for watching.