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I'm a freelance Illustrator and designer and my artwork focuses primarily on this world's natural forms. Wildlife, domestic pets, landscapes, and the American and non American peoples. Other forms such as architecture, machines, anthropomorphism and cartooning shows up on occasion.

As an artist, I try not to become too comfortable in my own artwork, and try to stretch my boundaries and explore further into various mediums and subject matter as often as I can.

I began drawing when I was old enough to hold a pencil. I've come a long ways from that scribbly form of a horse on printer paper with no mechanical thought. It was all emotion. And now its proper mental and physical discipline that creates my illustrative works.

Im very definite and precise with my mark making, and i've got a fondness for lines and line widths. I'm a very traditional artist, but I am delving deeper and deeper into the more computer dominated world and learning illustrator and Photoshop for my work.

I'm an avid animal advocate and my passion for animals of all types and species inspires my artwork. I do however, try to draw such natural every day forms in ways you wouldnt think to see them normally.

In my spare time I do therapy dog work with my rough collie, Cardinal. She is the star of my first illustrated children's book in progress; "Cardi the Collie - Im a Therapy Dog!" She keeps that magic fire burning on days when I feel drained, along with my two cats who continuously keep me on my toes.


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The new kid on the block

Hello to all of Weasyl!

Im new here and look forward to my stay, browsing through all of the beautiful art and making my little spot here cozy. Im a member of DeviantART, have been for 11 years now, I think? I dunno. :p But was looking for someplace where I could be the more professional artist that Ive become and start fresh with just my new stuff and a few pieces here and there of my favorite oldies.

I am open for commissions, and as soon as I figure out how to input my commission info into that folder, that will be up as well.

Thank you for taking a peek, if you like what you see, follow the wolf's tracks.

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