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Nexus by NightTracker



I dont know how much "Nexus" stuff I will post here, but, we shall see. This story of mine is very old, dating back to 2001. Ive worked on it on and off when I had inspiration and time for 14 years now, and finally, it is finished. Im not great at writing, but I am good at drawing, so its become a comic that I intend to publish. Im working on the first volume now, and hopefully will start posting pages to my DA within the next month. :)

Some of the characters pictured have changed, as this was the very first "group" image that was colored. A test.

All characters are © myself. Here is the summary of the story. :)

“In a world called Inon, a fantastical journey awaits an extraordinary pack of wolves blessed with magical abilities and special adaptations. Ruled dominantly by gifted Wildlife, this planet is thrown into disarray when a mighty Shogun Mage from another world travels through space and time to follow his exiled enemy through a portal.

The world is plunged into chaos as the Shogun gathers his forces, while his nemesis, Karasume stumbles upon the destined packs territory. Who will prevail?”

Story, art and characters © Rachel Postlewaite 2015

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    Duuuuude if you publish it, definitely post a journal or something of where to buy it! I'd totally purchase :D This is a really beautiful piece, and that description makes me excited to read >w<

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      Man, thanks so much! That makes me happy. I absolutely love this project, and I hope others who stumble upon it, love it just as much as I do! Whenever it gets published, ill let you know, for sure. :)