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The new kid on the block by NightTracker

Hello to all of Weasyl!

Im new here and look forward to my stay, browsing through all of the beautiful art and making my little spot here cozy. Im a member of DeviantART, have been for 11 years now, I think? I dunno. :p But was looking for someplace where I could be the more professional artist that Ive become and start fresh with just my new stuff and a few pieces here and there of my favorite oldies.

I am open for commissions, and as soon as I figure out how to input my commission info into that folder, that will be up as well.

Thank you for taking a peek, if you like what you see, follow the wolf's tracks.

The new kid on the block


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    hey there =3

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    Hello and welcome! c: I'm not exactly a veteran user, but might as well offer what help I can lolz

    To set up commission prices, you just go to settings>Commission Prices and then you're met with 3 columns for things you can do. Only work in one column at a time, as your information can only be saved in one column at a time; if something has a "save" or "edit" button at the bottom, assume all information irrelevant to that specific save feature will be removed (I'm warning you cuz I didn't understand that at first and had to rewrite my whole description :P). The first column on your left is where you form a general overall group called a class, like "base prices" or "color options." If you need to see an example, you can check my page. The middle column is where you set up the actual prices for individual pieces. You type in a name for it, such as "Full Body" or "Watercolor" and then you add relevant information, like price/price range, class, and whether it is a base price or an additional cost. The third column is your description, which is a full, basic description of your commissions overall - not individual base prices or groups, etc. I suggest linking your ToS here, maybe linking to a progress list you have if you have one, etc. Just any basic information potential commissioners should be aware of. Lastly, below all of those columns (except the description one which you can just edit directly) are edit and removal features, which work similarly to making new ones, except all you gotta do is choose your pre-made thing to edit/remove from the drop down list c:

    I hope this helped at least a little! Have a lovely day!

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      Wow, thank you VERY much! That was surprisingly helpful, somewhat. Itll still take some figuring on my part, I think, but ill get there. :D Ill try and see if I can follow what your saying. Thanks again! :)