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Pronunciation: Sk-ah-lee

"Life's a journey, not a destination."

Hi. I draw stuff and make tails sometimes. Other times I work and hike and eat marshmallows.

I'm trying to keep my Weasyl account updated, but to be honest I'm not the best about it. If you want more up-to-the-minute updates, please visit me on my home site Furaffinity:
You will also have better luck getting quick responses to contact there.

Yarn tail quotes available here:

"Live long and prosper."

Latest Journal

Custom Tail Commissions Open! Quote Form here!

Got my GoogleDoc all updated so that yarn tail quote forms are now easier than ever to fill out!

Art commissions are still taken via Note or can give email out if requested.

I just got confirmed for a new position at work, but haven't been told when I transfer yet, and in the meantime we've been getting out early... So I have more time to work on commissions! Could probably still complete 1 or 2 tails in time for delivery at Midwest FurFest... : 3 Definitely a couple in time for Christmas delivery.

In the meantime though I will continue with premades < 3

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Laminated Headshot Badge
$ 15.00


Fullbody Character (No Background)
from $ 5.00
to $ 12.00


Character Headshot
from $ 2.50
to $ 7.00


Traditional Reference Sheet
$ 65.00

Yarn Tails

Yarn Tails
from $ 15.00
to $ 250.00

All art is traditional and can be shipped to you at additional cost, likely between $1-3. The price of badges includes shipping within the USA. While I am generally open for art commissions, yarn tail commissions are only open in the windows specified by journals, so please be on the lookout for openings if you are interested in this commission type.



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    I'm sorry is that Willie Loomis from Dark Shadows in your icon?

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      Yes. Yes it is. XD

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        I KNEW IT. Poor ol' Willie. I loved Dark Shadows when I was in high school. XD

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          I love it! I haven't seen all of it yet (there are so many episodes!) but I've seen what appear to be the major arcs--Barnabas past and present, the Quentin Collins timeline (I am a big Quentin fan!)... Currently on the Leviathan plotline, which isn't quite as interesting to me, but will end up watching all of that as well ^^ Loomis is one of my favorite characters (I think John Karlen performed his character brilliantly), though I'm not as familiar with his character pre-Barnabas. Eep, now I'm gushing like the fangirl that I am, but, haha, psyched that you recognized him! X3

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            The Leviathan arc was never one of my favorites. I enjoyed Count Petofi, hahaha. Also nobody cares about much that happened in the series before Barnabas, haha. It kind of BEGINS once Willie opens that coffin.

            And by all means, gush on! I'm always pleased whenever anybody knows what I'm talking about regarding Dark Shadows (aside from certain...recent movies I could mention).

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              Oh gosh. It's better to just never, ever, ever mention a certain recent movie. v_v I was so psyched when I heard about it for the first time, and so... less than psyched when I heard how it was going to play out.

              Petofi wasn't my favorite (my love for Quentin made me loathe him, haha), but the actor that played him was also superb at all of the characters he portrayed! My favorite character of his being Ben Stokes, though I inevitably just felt bad for him most of the time. I enjoyed the excursions into the past, even though sometimes they got lengthy and I wanted to know how events would resume in the "present." The Barnabas-past arc was probably my favorite. As you said, the show really began with Barnabas (to the extent that I think if you buy the new DVD set and so on, I think the episodes start there--pre-Barnabas is separated into Dark Shadows: The Beginning, if I'm not mistaken, as though it was something different entirely--which I guess it kind of is).

              Y'know, this convo started because of my icon, and maybe you'll know the answer to this question I have about it! When did Loomis ever get bitten in the neck? Barnabas never did that as far as I am aware; he always bit from the wrist. Did Angelique bite him in her brief stay as a vampire? (I missed some of those episodes, as my copies were missing the audio!) Or is it from one of the older movies? I'm just wondering if some crazy Loomis fan like me decided to photoshop the bites or something XD It's okay if you have no idea, but you seem like you probably have as good a chance of knowing and remembering as anyone I've encountered!

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                I actually saw the movie. I tried so hard to hold out hope that maybe, just maybe, it would be okay. I was horrified by what they did with it. Allegedly Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were both huge fans of the show growing up, and did a lot of research before making the show, so why it wound up being...what it was is completely beyond me. Even a parody of the show itself would have been better, but the movie has so little to do with Dark Shadows...I just don't know what they were thinking.

                Yeah, they did separate out the pre-Barnabas stuff. It really was kind of a different show! I mean they had the ghost of Josette and they had the Phoenix, but other than that there were no supernatural elements. It wasn't until Barnabas that all hell broke loose in Collinwood, haha.

                And gosh, I'm really not sure! There are HUGE chunks of the show I haven't seen, and many others for which it's been, like, ten years or more. Angelique seems the likeliest suspect, though. Unless it was Roxanne...