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Seclusion by Eskiworks



24 June 2014 at 17:44:42 MDT

Finished illustration for SaWolf, of his Maned Wolf character Samael! I am so happy I got to paint this scene, it's so peaceful and was so much fun to render. Glowing sunset, sparkling sand, the sounds of the waves lapping the lonely beach, and not a soul (other than a curious lizard who wonders what Samael is reading) to interrupt a good book. I found myself pining for the ocean while painting, and wishing I could be in a place as private and peaceful as this getaway.

Work in progress shots are in my tumblr -
24 hours in Photoshop CS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

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    Good LORD that water/sand/everything looks stunning. What a flawless scene and what a perfectly-shaped tree to put up a hammock.

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    Honestly as gorgeous and atmospheric as this is my favorite detail has to be that smooth wet layer where the last wave just receded over the sand, because that's something I think a lot of people (certainly me) would miss.

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    This is so gorgeous it's tugging at my heartstrings... that's my perfect fantasy, right there. X___x Fantastic job!

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    This is an absolutely beautiful piece! I think this is my new favourite of yours.

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    I can't get over all the details of the lighting in this. Those waves and that SAND. You even have the light showing through his ears. Very, very nice!

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    Wow, this is very nicely done! I really like the water and beach; looks very convincing, almost like a photo. :3

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    The lighting's gorgeous on this, and what a calm atmosphere <3 You've really captured his character beautifully!