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Unless stated otherwise by the artist, you do not have permission to repost any image in this gallery. I personally have no issue with free distribution of digital art but the artists wishes come first as they share the IP of the image its self. Please be kind, please ask before reposting.

I'm a hobby writer.

My interests are typically pokemon, BDSM, humans and femfurs with emphasis on larger furs.

Right now I'm focusing on BDSM for the foreseeable future.

| Feline | 29 | Male | Hetero-flexible | USA | Dominant | Art Addict |

Name: Dandy Cat Silversmith

Occupation: Lighting Tech

Gender: Male

Species: Feline, Tiger

Sexual Orientation: Hetero-flexible (primarily Dominant)

Relationship Status: Currently in a relationship, focusing on that.

Likes: Art, smut, and butts

Dislikes: Fuck ALL the THINGS! (prudes, zealots, and assbutts)

Work in Progress: Updating Stripes and Chains to fit with new canon and lore

I LIVE IN Pacific Time Zone

Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri: Work/Writing
Sat/Sun: Whaken' off/Cruising Fetlife/Writing

Stripes and Chains - story and art

Fan fiction set in a world conceived by DragonTalon

It is unrelated and has no effect on the canon or characters set in his works.

Concept is (c) him

Characters and story are (c) my self

My Main Characters

|Dandy cat Silversmith (Fursona)| Currently no ref pic. Working on it. Dapper and dandy, always with a smile. Affable and amiable. Has a love for cognac and pipes.

|Benjamin Lei Feng(representation of my submissiveness)|Slave. Hesitant and and unsure by friendly and cordial. Slightly introverted

|Kelsura|Dominant dragoness. Kind hearted but stern. She's not afraid to crack the whip if need be but hates having to do so.

|Juno|Guard Slave. Distant and seemingly indifferent, she hides a tender loving heart. Mated to Claudius

|Claudius|Guard Slave. Sharp, tactical mind belied by simple expressiveness. Incapable of speech and communication other than feral growls, barks, and body language.

|The Siren Sisters| Slaves. A troupe of five lioness bards and acrobats. "Mated" to Benjamin. Frequently speaks in verse as a group, often doggerel and simple.

|Walter| Slave Guard and Kelsura's current champion. Ex-professional pugilist. Old and cranky but respectful where it counts.

Profile design shamelessly stolen from Oreo-Septim with out permission but due credit given.



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